If those on the left are to be believed, the conservatives of the right are a group of hateful, violence-inducing bigots, intent on suppressing all who should contradict their opinions or beliefs.

However, as the saying goes, ‘actions speak louder than words.’ And right now, the lefts are showing just how hypocritical they are and how far they are willing to go to push their agenda.

Using boycotts and other forms of protest is one thing, but the most recent actions of the liberals in this Pennsylvania city are taking it to much more dangerous extremes.

In Pittsburgh, PA, activists for the left have begun an all-out assault on any one person or business that they don’t think lines up with their beliefs.

If a someone shows the slightest bit of support or sympathy for the right, their names are added to a list of local businesses and business owners that are believed to have ties with Trump and this is then posted on social media for all to see.

As with the recent situation with Debra Messing and her former co-star Eric McCormack, they are outright blacklisting these people and their livelihoods. And it’s not just happening to people who are openly supporting the GOP right now either.

Several names have been added only because a red hat was worn. Not a MAGA hat, mind you. It was just the wrong color apparently.

And yet, blacklisting is just the beginning. Already, these liberal supporters are showing that they are not opposed to taking it to the next level.

These crazy loons have even gone so far as to be found protesting in front of shops, drawing customers away, and spewing lies about the proprietors. Local businesses believed to be right-swinging are also being vandalized without remorse.

This goes far beyond just boycotting a business because you simply don’t believe in the same ideals. This is outright illegal and is reminiscent of the Jewish boycotts in Germany before the Second World War in the 1930s.

The point of those boycotts was not to just express their difference in opinion; it was to literally destroy Jewish businesses and the community that depended on them.

As a result, thousands of Jewish owned shops, stores, and companies were abandoned and demolished. The communities were thrown into poverty, and shortly afterward the Jews were rounded up.

These liberal boycotts are no different, and actually could be far worse. And the left is so far gone that they don’t see a problem with it. They actually believe they are doing a good work by ruining these people’s businesses and running them into the ground.

They aren’t trying to change your mind or anyone else’s and get you to see things their way. Just the like Jews, you are too far gone and not worth saving. According to them, the only thing left to do is destroy you and everything you stand for.

Just ask them. They will tell you that it has to be this way. They will tell you they are solving world problems. That just maybe if the Nazis had participated similarly, with aggression, vandalism, and other Antifa approved acts then perhaps there wouldn’t have been a Holocaust.

And yet the words they say and the things are doing, all in the name of their opinion, tell us that a Holocaust-like event is just what they want.

You and I can see the problem here. We can see how dangerous this line of thinking is. But these people are apparently too caught up in their own lies to notice the truth.

However, I guarantee that if the right started protesting, boycotting, and vandalizing left-swinging businesses, they would have a problem with it. They wouldn’t hesitate to call us fascist Nazis.

Oh, wait. They already do.

Time and time again, those who show even the slightest lean towards the right have been labeled as evil. You don’t support gun control? You are evil. Do you want stricter border and immigration policies? You are evil. Do you have white skin? Are you committed to a traditional marriage? You are so evil.

And the list goes on and on.