Lone Ranger Biden Ran off His Friends…Democrats Can No Longer Support a Man with Bloodstained Hands

Joe Biden is running out of friends. He was warned to lose the chip on his shoulder for his predecessor but those warnings fell on deaf ears. His determination to destroy Trumps’ legacy is instead killing the one he had hoped to leave behind as everything he continues to touch turns to dung.

Seizing every opportunity that was left behind, Biden tried his best to steal Trump’s thunder for ending a 20-year war that accomplished very little. But in his haste to do so the president threw strategic planning to the wind and instead opted for the total chaos that unnecessarily claimed American and Afghan lives.

Even as the death count in Kabul continued to escalate, all Biden could offer was to say, “Ladies and gentlemen, it was time to end a 20-year war.” While you’d be hardpressed to find anyone who would disagree, there’s a right and a wrong way to accomplish everything and Biden fell miserably short of the mark.

Joe Biden promised America that despite his age he was as mentally astute as he had always been. He was gonna tackle and resolve one problem at a time until the nation was back to being a well-oiled machine with a chicken in every pot. But his brain overheated when he found himself faced with more than one problem at a time.

Afghanistan, immigration, eviction moratoriums, voting rights, election fraud, the Delta variant, and the growing list continues, have taken their toll on Bidens’ stubborn and feeble mind. He’s shooting from the hip and refusing to listen to anyone, all the while hoping like hell the additional problems he’s causing will work their own selves out. As a result, his friends, colleagues, and supporters, are turning their backs on the guy who at one time claimed to have all of the answers.

Biden caught a break during his first six months in the Oval Office as he basked in the liberal limelight for defeating Donald Trump. It didn’t matter what he did as long as big bad Trump was gone, and knowing it would take a little time for their guy to become fully acclimated to his newfound power, they patiently waited for their dreams to become reality. When what he promised didn’t happen, they extended their patience. Times up.

Kabul broke the camel’s back. As Republicans continue kicking Biden through the goalpost of life, for the first time, Democrats have joined them on the field. They’re politely taking turns trying to boot him out of the stadium.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is trying desperately to cover up the magnitude of her boss’s debilitating frustration but the glistening sweat on her forehead tells a different story. When asked how Biden was feeling about his blunders in Kabul and his lack of action in all other areas, all she could say was, “there’s just not a lot of time for self-reflection right now.” In other words, “he isn’t even thinking about any of that stuff.” But he better be…

As of late what’s happening in Kabul is dominating the media, but this is about to change now that 3.5 million American renters are at risk of being homeless because Biden and Pelosi couldn’t find the time to get around to saving them from eviction. And once the American eye gets redirected back at the southern border, hell on earth is to be expected. Biden’s handling of that scene makes Donald Trump look like God’s head angel, even to Democrats.

Bidens is sticking to his favorite tough-guy phrase of “the buck stops with me,” but we just saw what happens when it does. To right his life costing wrong in Kabul, he’s doing what he’s well known for by playing the blame game. He’s pointing his finger at not only the Afghan forces who turned tail and ran at the sight of the Taliban but also at Trump for negotiating a bad deal for the total withdrawal of forces.

Let’s not forget though, it was Joe Biden who decided to follow Trumps’ exit plan to a Tee, which would have worked had he not been several months late in attempting to implement the already expired agreement. He didn’t even consider renegotiating the deal to assure the safety of the many evacuees who have forever stained his hands with their blood.

Once the dust from Kabul settles and the media starts pointing their cameras back at the other issues we’ve let slide for a while, look for Biden to start packing. There’s barely anyone left who will defend the man. We might also get to witness a historical first when he’s forced to take Harris with him. One can only hope.