Marianne Williamson is one of the lesser-known political candidates running for the presidency in 2020. As an author of many self-help books, she has quite the following – at least in some social circles. She found herself having to delete tweets recently because she decided that it wasn’t what Americans wanted to hear.

As a spiritual guru, Williamson tweeted that the “power of the mind” is what helped to turn hurricane Dorian away from the United States – which would have created quite a blow, particularly to Florida.

Her initial tweet called for the Bahamas, Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas to be in everyone’s prayers. She said that millions of people are seeing the hurricane turn away from land, and it isn’t a “wacky idea.” She claimed that it was “creative use of the power of the mind” instead of admitting that hurricanes are completely unpredictable and that it is science, not mind control.

There may be a number of reasons as to why she decided to delete this comment. The power of the mind certainly didn’t help those in the Bahamas, who were crushed by the strength of a category five hurricane. After its destruction, it turned away from Florida. However, it has since gained more strained and gotten back up to a category three hurricane – and it is headed toward the Carolinas. Where is her power of the mind now?

In times of distress, no one wants to be told to use the power of the mind in order to do something about a storm. People don’t want to feel as though a storm did or didn’t hit based on whether they did or didn’t pray.

As a Democrat, Williamson has also made sure to reference God in many of her tweets – something that many Democrats have been getting away from lately. When she deleted her tweet, she replaced it with the comment of “may the peace of God be upon them.”

Williamson seems to be a product of Woodstock, gaining a significant amount of viral fame since announcing her run for president. Her campaign is to beat Trump based on harnessing the power of love. Williamson continues to maintain some kind of hold in the primaries, lasting longer than certain members of Congress and even sitting governors. However, she did not meet the polling threshold for the September DNC debate – and likely won’t meet the October one either.

Williamson, despite not being able to qualify for the DNC debates, does not want to be written off yet. News stories that highlighted her skepticism of vaccines, according to her, were part of a smear campaign. This is questionable, however, as she isn’t pulling in enough votes to show up on any of the state or national polls. She is consistently under 1%, which is why she can qualify for any of the DNC debates. None of the other candidates feel as though she is a threat, so they have no reason to smear her. If they are going to smear anyone, they are going to go after the top five contenders.

Williamson has had to defend the power of prayer on more than one occasion. She said that it is “neither bizarre nor unintelligent.” She feels that being a person of faith is necessary in order to win in 2020.

Williamson’s biggest complaint is that the overly secularized left has caused a number of voters to leave in search of the GOP, which tends to be filled with more people of faith.

The author and presidential candidate will continue tweeting using references of God and asking people to pray – whether it is regarding a hurricane, domestic terrorism, or anything else. However, when various parts of the world are still being pummeled by a hurricane, or at risk of being such, perhaps saying that it was the power of the mind that turned it is not the right sentiment to express on social media.

The biggest problem with Williamson is that she’s seen as “woo-woo” by too many people, Republicans and Democrats alike. While her readers are likely to vote for her, that’s all. She isn’t a politician and she isn’t a business person – which means that too many Americans question whether she would be able to truly do anything in order to help the country. Her platform doesn’t focus heavily on health care, immigration, or anything else. Simply trying to triumph Trump with the power of love isn’t enough to win a presidential platform. Rather than deleting tweets about the hurricane, she needs to delete herself off of the campaign trail.