McCloskey Family Accepts Guilty Charge for Defending Their Home

The Democratic Party thrives on violence. Their voter base sees no problem with vandalizing and destroying public property, all in the name of change. They willfully ignore the provisions of the Constitution that allow for peaceful protests. But there is no fear in their eyes because their liberal masters have watered done the law enough in the target zones to the point where they can get away with murder.

The far-left clown base believes it is their right to steal and destroy public and private property. And when their liberal leaders join in on their fun, they are empowered to continue their path of destruction. But when one crowd came face to face with Mark and Patricia McCloskey, they did not expect them to be pointing guns in their direction.

The Democrats have tried for over a year to criminalize the McCloskey family. But the area they live in allows for protecting their home from people that would try and destroy it and harm them. And when Black Lives Matter came around, the McCloskey family knew they were in terrible danger. So, they took out their guns and warned anyone trying to vandalize or harm their home would be shot.

The prosecutor in the case tried for over a year to get felony charges placed on the married couple. But there was nothing that they could make stick. The McCloskey couple were within their rights to defend themselves. But recently, they entered a guilty plea for one charge that the McCloskey’s believed made sense.

The guilty charge is not a win for the liberals. The prosecutor would end up dropping “all the felony charges, all the gun charges, and charged me with a crime that said I purposely placed other people in apprehension of imminent fear of physical injury.”

That was the point of carrying weapons and pointing them at the invaders. The McCloskey’s wanted to put fear into the invaders so they would think twice about the crimes they were about to commit. And it worked brilliantly.

McCloskey noted that “And, by God, I did it. That’s what the Second Amendment was there for … and I couldn’t say no to that one.” He knew that if he were to be charged for defending his home Constitutionally, that would be the one charge he could live with.

Mark McCloskey is being charged with a misdemeanor of the second-degree harassment charge. Both of them will pay fines of $2,000 and $750. And both of them will stay out of jail. However, they will have to surrender the guns they were holding at the time of the attacks.

McCloskey stated very clearly that “As I said on the courthouse steps if that’s a crime in Missouri, I did it, and I’ll do it again. God came knocking on our door disguised as an angry mob, and it transformed us. Patty and I decided to just put the rest of our lives on hold and do what we can to save this great nation.”

McCloskey had noted that the liberals are tearing down the country and taking freedoms away from people. What they knew as freedom is vastly different than kids today are being taught. The liberals have slowly destroyed what has long been a way of life for so many people.

The McCloskey’s were later threatened by the Black Lives Matter Group because they defended their home. For many political reasons, the couple has been mistreated and attacked for doing the right thing by protecting their lives and property.

The BLM mob broke down their gate and watched as the mob started pouring into their yard. The first prosecutor was Kim Gardner, and she was taken off the case by a judge because she was pursuing convictions solely based on political reasons. She wanted to make a public example of the couple not to be so bold to follow their example.

When corrupt people like Gardner use their positions of power to punish people that are America-loving patriots, it is time for them to be put out of office. The McCloskey’s should have never been targeted for defending their home. And the one charge brought against them should be dismissed without question.