President Trump has been the only real hero in the effort to solve the border issues. He has fought for more funding for the agents working along the border.

He has asked Congress to improve the detention centers and to fix the loopholes with the current immigration laws. All his ideas were met with resistance from the loony liberals.

In all his efforts, the president has ultimately been victorious. He got Mexico to step and do more to help stave off the ever-growing number of people seeking asylum in the United States.

This past week Mexico has done exactly what the president wanted them to do which was to accept asylum seekers.

In a little Mexican town called Nuevo Laredo, asylum seekers are receiving their new homes. The United States caught them at the border and sent them to this little town that is part of a larger program.

The goal is to keep the asylum seekers out of the United States, so they will actually show up to their own court cases when the time comes. Right now so many migrants enter the country but are never seen again because they do not show up for court.

The small group that was rightfully sent to the little Mexican town was from countries of Venezuela and Cuba. They attempted to come into the United States Illegally and ended up getting caught.

International law dictates that asylum seekers must seek asylum in the first country they come to. This means Mexico for those coming from the south.

Mexico has been honoring their deal with the United States and things are working out just fine. This is a major victory for President Trump as he single-handedly got the ball rolling to stop the flow of migrants coming to the border.

The plan is that the migrants will stay in the city until their time in court comes. Until then, they cannot come into the country. Mexico has agreed to house them until that time comes.

The migrants will have to operate in society and will have to work in order to make ends meet in their new temporary environment. There will be no free handouts at the expense of hard-working people. They will have to take on the responsibility of caring for themselves.

So far the new plan has kept 18,503 migrants from settling in the United States. If the people really want to come into the country, they will have to show up for court.

They can no longer benefit from the loopholes in the immigration laws of America. They can no longer come into the country and just disappear. Border officials will know where they are located at all times.

Mexico did not want to have tariffs placed on them because of this issue. They agreed to a deal, and they are living up to their end of the bargain. President Trump has been wise in how he is dealing with other nations.

No longer will the United States passively sit back and be taken advantage of by other nations. President Trump is turning the tables on those that seek to harm America and get rich off of the nation’s hardworking people.

The loony left cannot ignore the success of the President’s Trump’s plan. The numbers have dropped in one month from 144,278 people apprehended to 104,344.

And the number is expected to continue to fall. For the first time in many months, the number is significantly declining.

The little Mexican town is perfectly positioned to take part in the effort to help those from around the world seeking asylum. They are just a few miles from the border which makes it easier for the people to come and go to their court hearings.

If the migrants are serious about wanting to become citizens of the United States, then they will have to brave the transition. They cannot just expect to show up at the order and just be let in.

The people of the United States have the right to protect their country from people that would only want to take advantage of it.