We hear many of the people from the older generations, forty on up, speak to millennials beginning the conversation with, “Well back in my day.”

It is true, the old school went out the window in the nineties and made way for a new generation which if raised by Liberal parents, were never swatted, lived on video games, had limited chores, and were practically given everything they wanted.

Children under conservative parents and those who are forty and older remember the “hard times,” and we lived them.  That is why when the last recession hit, we were able to survive and adapt to the changes by learning of what it meant to “live with the bare necessities.”

So if another recession were to hit, as the Democrats keep putting a scare on the nation through their lies and deception, how would the millennials survive?

The answer is straightforward.  The millennials would live the same way we did.  Liberals would cry more and try to find excuses, and the conservatives would carry on and do the best they can.

In recent weeks, the stock market fell as it usually does, and Democrats smelled blood in the water and put out the warnings as though it is the end of the world.  Investors and people who follow the statistics know the numbers drop and even take a dive some days.

Truth has it, the economy is stronger than it has ever been in decades under President Trump.  Recessions are not good, and it affects everyone from the babies to the retirees.  Many would agree the last recession did not end for those in the ages of 22 to 38 if they are Liberals.

It is not to say life is not hard, because it can be very challenging at times.  Those who are struggling are the ones who relied on the government to buy steaks and caviar.  Many of those who lived off of food stamps lived better than the hard-working Americans who bust their rears every day.

Now, those are almost over, and this generation has to fend for themselves.  Most of us who went out and worked and did not rely on handouts or the government is better off because we know what to do in tight situations.

Liberal millennials are screwed.  That is all there is to it.  They were never taught how to save or invest their money, and just like they relied on their parents, they rely on the government to fend for them.

We find the ones who are conservatives do not cry like snowflakes every time the wind blows.

Most of it was not their fault because, under the years of the Democrats, jobs were scarce and were low paying.  People who wanted to run their businesses could not hire because the economy was crashing and fell into the recession in which Obama made it worse.

When the millennials graduated high school and college, the job market was the lowest in 80 years since the Great Depression.

On paper, millennials are worth less than the older generations due to how they spent their money.  Many think if there are more wages, then they can do better for themselves.  This is not the case.  With higher salaries, comes fewer jobs, higher prices on the markets for food, clothes, fuel, and everything else it takes to live.

Besides, those who are liberal will spend it foolishly because that is what they have done in the past.  They would have to change their line of thinking and go back to the basics and “bare necessities.” It would cause many of them to go into cardiac arrest.

Financial experts say it’s almost impossible.  Experts claim, “Appreciation is unlikely to be as rapid in the near future as it was during the recent period.  With the baby boomers occupying most of the top jobs and much of the housing, millennials are doing less well than their parents.  We expect only a minority of high achievers and those in high-demand sectors such as technology or finance to effectively overcome the ‘millennial disadvantage.'”

It would be foolish to be nieve and say a recession will never happen because we do not know that for sure.

One thing that Liberal millennials lack is the concept that “there may not always be a tomorrow.”  This is why they need to get their minds right and use common sense.  “Don’t put off tomorrow, what you can do today.”