More Doctors Speak Out on Biden’s Health

We’ve all heard the claims being made about Democratic President Joe Biden’s mental health.

Some would say that he has a demanding job, and anyone would find it challenging to stay on task and remember everything at every moment. Others will tell you that Biden has always had a stutter issue that often prevents him from making his point in what could be eloquent ways.

And while that’s certainly true to some extent, neither of those excuses explain what we’ve seen as of late.

Take his recent speech to commemorate the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Monday in the Rose Garden, for example.

While getting his point across and being somewhat understandable for the most part, there were the typical “Biden moments” we have all come all too accustomed to hearing. For example, at one point, he forgot a congressman’s name, much like he’s forgotten the names of former English Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and even his former boss, Barack Obama.

Then, a short time later, he suddenly called out, “Where’s Mom? Mom?” And no, it didn’t seem to be part of any previous conversation or even a joke.

Later, when answering questions from reporters, something he’s been encouraged not to do by his staff, he responded to a question about immigration issues with something that sounded all too much like “my butt has been wiped.”

And that’s just in one day and one public appearance.

I could continue with literally hundreds of other examples, so his proneness to ‘gaffes’ as they’ve been labeled. But to do that, I would need much more than the allotted space given to me here.

I will mention that it’s not just his affinity for forgetting things or making a mess of his words becoming common. In addition, he also seems prone to small fits of rage.

Take the confrontation between him and an autoworker in Michigan when he was campaigning, for example. A calm and collected auto worker asked him a simple question. And all of a sudden, Biden was quite literally challenging this guy to “go outside” with him to hash things out.

Then there are the several time during town hall events and debates where he has gone off on reporters for similarly asking simple questions he should have been able to reasonably answer. You know, as he did later on Sunday when he returned to the White House.

A female reported asked him about the popularity of defunding the police in the Democratic Party, and he responded with a very agitated, “Are there people in the Republican Party who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids?”

Not only does this not make sense, but he was visibly angry when he said it.

All this has led more than a few medical and psychiatric professionals to question just what’s going on in Biden’s mind.

One of the latest to report on the possibilities is successful psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed, who recently interviewed with Sky News Australia’s Andrew Bolt.

Ahmed said all of the signs he’s seen so far speak of early-onset dementia and a man who’s just barely hanging on to his sanity.

Ahmed gives a few video examples, showing that, as I mentioned above, Biden’s speeches are pretty coherent most of the time. As Ahmed said, “there was no real trouble.” But then you get those moments where Biden can’t seem to get a single word out.

This, as well as other symptoms such as “short term recall, losing track of your thoughts,” and “confabulating,” all show a steady decline in mental health that we’ve seen an increase over the past 12 to 18 months. But the psychiatrist warns that the next 12 to 18 months will only worse.

For now, he says, Biden is very likely to pull it all off as though nothing is really wrong. But that’s only because he has staff and supporters around who are constantly helping out.

Ahmed gives the debates as an example, saying that “he just sort of hung in there. So you get the feeling he’s almost just holding on, which can be a feature of dementia, whereas long as you’ve got enough people supporting you, you can sort of just hold on.”

But that won’t be the case for much longer.

As former White House physician Ronny Jackson says, there’s going to come a point where he’s either forced to resign “for medical issues,” or the 25th Amendment pushes him out. And both options are not long off now…