More States Are Following Arizona’s Lead by Demanding Vote Recounts and Fraud Investigations…This Ain’t Over Until They Say It Is

It’s been six months since the presidential election was called in Joe Biden’s favor, yet as Biden forges forward with whatever it is he does, not everyone believes he should be rightfully occupying the Oval Office. A fair number of Trump supporters still believe the election was a scam and they’re out to prove it no matter how long it takes.

Arizona was the first state to demand an investigation, and as such, a group of non-government affiliated civilians has taken the roadrunner by its tail. They’re intensively working day and night in hopes of uncovering even the slightest traces of fraud that may have been previously overlooked, whether intentionally or not.

Georgia just recently jumped on the bandwagon when a judge there gave a group of election objectors the green light to mimic Arizona. They too have no government affiliation. Even rural counties where vote tallies are far less than in major metropolitan areas are getting into the act. A rather sparsely populated county in Michigan wants to take a good hard look at the voting machines that were used.

Residents of a small town in N.J. are at each other’s throats over the possibility of a recount, but as of now, it appears the yay’s may have it. Very similar eruptions have been ignited all around the country.

While teams of civilians are doing the investigating, the entire plan is cloaked behind a GOP-led effort to make things right. Since they’ve been shot down from doing any further investigating themselves, they used their noggins by getting civilian patriot Trump supporters to carry on the task where they were forced to leave off. They’ve had no problem rounding up volunteers.

Some Republicans, both in government and civilians, are voicing strong objections to the endless efforts at overturning the election. This isn’t because they wouldn’t rather see Donald Trump restored to power, and it certainly does not mean they’ve become Biden fans. It’s only because they fear that if things don’t go the way the GOP is hoping they will, a good probability exists for the creation of a third party, and as a result, the existing Republican Party will die a fast and quiet death.

Eddie Perez from OSET Institute is considered to be an expert on voting systems. Viewing the entire scenario he said, “This is bad enough to see it happen once,” but with the effort now snowballing he said it’s “dangerous for democracy.’” This of course was in response to the easily perceivable collapse of the Republican Party.

Here’s the real deal though. Nobody either conducting the audits, or the people behind them, believes they have a real shot at overturning the election. It’s more about raising a political point while at the same time keeping the Republican base motivated and on fire. Nobody specifically wants to see a third party, but they’ll go that way if need be as long as Donal Trump is leading the way.

When GOP Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene recently stopped off in Pheonix they were warmly received. Their thoughts on immigration drew a loud favorable response from the huge crowd, but their response became thunderous when they brought up the Arizona vote audit. The issue has replaced immigration as the number one priority in the state for Republicans.

It certainly is not unusual for Trump to do his own thing. It’s who he is and it’s what he is admired for the most. And after spending four years with the man most of his constituents agree how he’s the perfect guy for the job. And we all know all too well that if political boundaries and hurdles block Trump’s path he’ll either go around them or kick them out of his way, depending on his mood.

Now the question remains. Should the liberal Democrats, and the Republicans who obnoxiously lean their direction, force Trump to create his own party, what are you going to do? Will you sign up posthaste or will you reject the notion?