Russia is amazed at the excitement of the United States people. They just cannot understand the reason why millions of people have cheered over the feat of sending people back into space.

For years, America has been on the sidelines of space exploration because of the trouble with the space shuttles. Since the shutdown of the program private citizens have taken up the challenge to reinvent the technology of space travel. What marvels about the Russian people is the ingenuity of the American people and the drive of the American spirit.

Russian space officials were baffled by the challenge that President Trump and Elon Musk issued after the successful launch over the weekend. Musk is the driving force behind the success of SpaceX.

His innovation to reuse launch sections by having them land on a floating drone is proof the American people are the brightest in the world. His technology to have a safety release for the module is extraordinary. No wonder Russia is jealous of the United States.

When America was forced to close down is space program, Russian space chief Dmitry Rogozin was anything but supportive. He stated in full defiance that the United States will now have to “deliver its astronauts to the ISS by using a trampoline”.

He was happy that Russia now had a monopoly on getting people into space. Musk remembered the sadistic comment when he was able to rub the success in the face of Rogozin.

Russia may act like they are perplexed, but the truth is they are scared. They are frightened over the fact that a commercial company from a free nation has put America into the next level of space travel.

The next design of space exploration is about to take shape and Russia has not even started to process their path. They may have the International Space Station, but, America has the universe at its doorsteps.

Musk stated that “The trampoline is working.” What has been taunted as an inside joke has a lot of animosity and sarcasm to it. Russia has to spy on the United States to know what is coming next by way of innovation.

Their crushing communist ways are keeping their people from realizing the full potential of the human spirit. Instead of pursuing new technological advances, Russia has to steal technology from its neighbors to keep up.

All Russia could do is sit by and drool over the flight. After a long pause of silence, Rogozin finally would congratulate NASA and Musk on the amazing feat. Russia now has to appear to be friendly instead of arrogant in the space race.

To hide his sadness Rogozin stated “It’s safe to congratulate you at this point with a successful launch and docking. Bravo! Please convey my sincere greetings to @elonmusk (I loved his joke) and @SpaceX team. Looking forward to further cooperation!” Now they want to “cooperate” so they can get in on the next level of technology.

Russian Spokesman Vladimir Ustimenko would say “We don’t really understand the hysteria sparked by the successful launch of a Crew Dragon spacecraft.” They do not understand because they do not know the science of what has been accomplished.

This is more than just about putting people back into space. It is the first step among many to push people out of the earth’s atmosphere to explore what space has to offer. The knowledge of the universe is creeping into the hands of the United States and Russia is scared.

President Trump has let the secret out of the bag about the future of space travel. He stated that the United States will be back to the moon in 2024 “to establish a permanent presence and a launching pad to Mars.

And the first woman on the Moon will be an American woman and the first nation to land on Mars will be the United States of America. We are not going to be number two anywhere.”

In a scared response, Russia would go on to say that their program is back up and running the next day. President Trump has beaten the Russians at their own game and America is in first place where it belongs.

The American spirit and greatness of the people have overcome tremendous odds to put people in orbit once again. America is the greatest nation on the planet.