Black Lives Matter people are the cruelest parasites living in the country. The group started out claiming that they were protesting for social change because they believed that law enforcement was abusing black people.

But their pernicious ways are really about selfish greed and taking what does not belong to them. Instead, they would murder other black Americans than do the right thing and stand up for all forms of life.

The Democratic Party is the group that is secretly supporting BLM and its riots. For the past four months, various BLM groups have laid siege to mainstream America and have attacked innocent people. At first, they cried about social injustice and demanded police reform.

A few weeks into their chants, their cry turned to defund the police and then to give us everything that you have. These same battle cries have echoed through the Democratic Party, which goes to show their involvement with the sins of the wicked class.

BLM’s attention turned once again to the streets of Chicago, where 49 people were shot over the weekend. But that was just the start of the cruelty coming from the BLM group. The media has stopped associating the violence with BLM, but they are the same people gathering night after night.

The worst of the worst came as a 5-year-old girl was maliciously stabbed to death by an adult. It happened Saturday morning as seven other people died as a result of the terror sweeping the city. BLM terrorists continue to threaten people and take things that are not their own, all in the name of social justice.

Serenity Arrington was a little soul that lost her life. The young child was taken to the hospital, but her wounds were too great. The liberals had taken another life.

The adult that had stabbed the child was her own mother. Simone Austin is the murderous adult that murdered her own child. The reason why she attacked her kid is still a mystery. Both the child and the adult were both African American. And so far, there has not been one outcry from BLM.

Black Lives Matter has never cared about people of color that are being mistreated by other people. All they care about is their greed and making their own lives better. They are willing to step on anyone that gets in their way. But when an adult sees a child as something that they can destroy because they get in the way, the liberals have unleashed their poison.

The mother is being charged with frist0degree murder. She deserves the death penalty for her actions. The violence that is sweeping through the city is a result of the Democrats defunding the police and supporting terrorists like the Black Lives Matter.

These are the types of things that have been plaguing many cities around the country as the liberals take to the streets to destroy as much as possible before November comes around.

Seven other people lost their lives to liberal poisoned rioters. The defund the police movement is Democratic funded and is what is driving the increase in violence.

Throughout the weekend, one person after another would suffer the consequences of being in the way of their liberal neighbors. The violence had no mercy behind it as people were shot, and others had their faces stabbed to death.

And yet the media praises these people for taking their hatred out on others instead of condemning their actions. Liberal mayors and Democratic councils’ side with the criminals instead of doing the right thing and going after those that want to tear the city apart.

In places like Portland and Seattle, the liberal leaders have joined forces with BLM and others for the sole purpose of destroying law and order.

President Trump stands against their actions. He is the candidate for law and order. Every time he has offered assistance to the liberal mayors, they have refused his help. And every single time, the liberals have regretted their decision to reject federal aid. When they finally accept his offer of help is when the violence has come to a stop.