Murderers and Rapists Get a Thumbs Up from Biden


It’s hard to appease everyone when it comes to the border crisis. For close to a year, the southern border has allowed countless migrants to shove their way through. And, the Biden administration has welcomed them by flying and busing them into the interior of the U.S.

Some of the migrants are murderers and rapists. It’s inevitable considering that most are being released without a background check let alone a court date to appear before an immigration judge.

Now, the “Remain in Mexico” program that was created by the Trump administration is returning. Formally known as Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), it was abandoned by Biden within days of him getting into office. Yet, a judge has ordered that the administration pick it back up.

Some migrants will have to return to Mexico until they get approved for asylum.

Well, pro-migration lobbyists have a big problem with this. One such lobbyist, Alida Garcia tweeted that “There is no humane way to implement a program that was intended by Stephen Miller as a way to torture asylum seekers.”

The lobbying groups have called Biden and his deputies murderers, rapists, and more…

Yet, it seems that Biden is okay with all of that.

After all, he’s been allowing it to happen at the border for quite some time. And the crime rates in border cities throughout Texas have been soaring because so many migrants have entered the U.S.

Only, murderers and rapists are fine as long as they’re attacking innocent Americans. Now that Biden and his deputies are being given a bad rap, the sleepy president has an issue.

He has no choice but to bring back the MPP because a judge has ordered it. As such, the administration will be sending some back to Mexico beginning in November – once they work things out with the Mexican government.

Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, an advocate for the American Immigration Council isn’t too happy with this new plan. “There were over 1500 documented cases of assault, rape, torture, kidnapping, and murder done to people.” He’s specifically referencing the migrants who waited in Mexico to receive asylum.

According to many of the pro-migration lobbyists, the asylum-seekers are vulnerable and they’ll fall victim to the hands of the Mexican cartel. Further, the MPP is just an excuse to deny asylum claims.

Well, many who are seeking asylum don’t qualify. While they may not like it, there is a legal definition for asylum. Not everyone can enter the U.S. and not everyone can claim asylum. It may not be convenient but that’s what helps to protect our country from being over-populated.

As for those falling at the hands of the Mexican cartel, that is not our fault. Perhaps that needs to be a conversation with the Mexican government. We cannot be held responsible for everyone in every country.

Meanwhile, why is it that the lobbyists only care about the asylum-seekers being murdered, raped, and tortured? When these same asylum-seekers enter the U.S. and murder, rape, or torture Americans, it’s swept under the rug quicker than any of us can blink.

The Biden administration may be looking to reinstate the MPP, but not for long. They are doing so because they have been ordered to by a federal judge. Just as soon as they can legally get out of it, they will.

This presidency only cares about illegal immigrants. Americans come second or third. And, if some get murdered or raped along the way, Biden can sleep at night because his dementia will allow him to forget all of the bad things that he has done.