My Pillow CEO Sues Daily Mail Over Salacious Hit Piece

Mike Lindell is the founder of MyPillow and he is also a staunch Trump supporter. Lindell is now hiring high powered attorney Charles Harder to go after one of the gossip rags that has been slandering his good name. Harder’s name may sound familiar to some, as he is the attorney who is responsible for the lawsuit that killed off Gawker.

The Daily Mail is in the line of fire because of a hit piece that they did about Lindell. They are claiming that he had an affair with actress Jane Krakowski, which is patently false. He is said to have carried on this affair in the Hamptons and in the West Village. There is just one problem with this version of events.

Lindell has never been to any of these places! The Daily Mail probably should have thought about that before they decided to write up all of this nonsense. They were probably banking on being able to get it out without anyone putting up a fight. Now, Lindell is speaking out and he visited Steve Bannon’s The War Room to share his side of the story.

“I’ve started a lawsuit against The Daily Mail… we’re going to serve them in about an hour. And I’m not going for just a retraction, I’m going for the damage they did to my Lindell Recovery Network where they’re involved with addiction and all these lies they told when I was never, I never met the woman. I’ve never been in the West Village. I’ve never been to the Hamptons. I’m learning what media outlets can do to hurt people and just make stuff up,” he said.

These are wise words and we hope that he is able to receive the justice he deserves. No one should have their life destroyed like this. Lindell is now experiencing the wrath of the anti-Trump crowd. Anyone who stands next to Donald is sure to have their personal business dragged out into the open. There’s just one problem with this philosophy.

Airing dirty laundry is all well and good when you want to get some cheap clicks. However, these people did not even care to find out if the story was even real first. They do not care about facts when it comes to anyone who stands next to Trump. The mainstream media essentially treats it all like some big game and that’s why there are so many people who are beyond frustrated.

Free speech is free speech but if these glorified gossip columnists can’t be bothered to tell the truth, what happens next? That means that they can print whatever they want, whenever they want. People may find this funny when it happens to a Republican but once they are the ones who are being forced to deal with it, it is not going to be as funny to them. This is something that we are more than willing to guarantee.

If Daily Mail goes the way of Gawker, it will be for the best. Lindell has deep pockets and the ability to make them suffer through a long, drawn-out court procedure. Mike’s not worried, either. There are plenty of brave patriots who are still willing to support him and his products during the months to come. The Daily Mail is not going to be able to bully him as easily as they would have liked. We wish him the very best of luck going forward.

As new developments arise, we will be sure to keep our readers fully up to date. It breaks our heart to see an American entrepreneur have their good name sullied like this. If it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone. This is a very important lesson that needs to be remembered at all times right now. Conservative thinkers are sure to remain under attack over the next four years, no matter what they do.