“Catholic” Joe Biden Forgot to Mention God in Day of Prayer Address

Joe Biden ran on the platform that he was not only a Christian but a Catholic. It was supposed to put Americans at ease that he was a moderate Democrat. If he believes in God, how bad could he be? However, he’s proven time and again that he’s not your average Catholic. He believes that […]

Harris Tries to Make Border Calls but Runs Into the Truth and It Makes Look Foolish

Vice President Kamala Harris is the one person in Washington who does not know what she is to be doing in her positions of authority. Joe Biden is content to provide her with new titles that she can add to her liberal resume. As she tries to make sense of a new world that she […]

It’s a Fair Question! Why Are Democrats So Desperate to Stop Arizona Election Audit?

Our good friends over at the Gateway Pundit have confronted one of the biggest proponents for stopping the Arizona election audits. Far left Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has been at the head of the line in this regard. Now, she is finally being taken to task and we are all for it. She […]

Harris Reveals Her Plan for Border Control and It Has Nothing to Do With the Problem

Kamala Harris is finally breaking her border silence and has announced that she intends to deal with the problem. After nearly two months of silence, she has come out and stated that there is a problem. And she has every intention to deal with the issue.  Aside from all-out lunacy, her plan makes no sense […]

Remote Learning Solves Racism in the Classroom? Doubtful…

Liberals insist that White Americans are inherently racist. They demand that systemic racism is plaguing the nation. The problem is that they can’t even agree on how to spin their stories. Many believe that remote learning is racist. Poor black communities don’t have internet. They don’t have the necessary technology. And, parents work all day, […]

Lines of Morality Drop as High School Students Are Bribed Into Getting COVID Shot

The liberals have taken the pandemic to the extreme with their insane lockdown rules and pushy practices. Donald Trump had come to the rescue and saw the nation through the most challenging time in the last 100 years. But now that he is taking a break from a few years, the liberals are back to […]

Biden Admin Looks to Obtain Data Without Warrants Just Like China

The ultimate Big Brother project is happening in China. They use cameras and facial recognition systems to establish a social credit system for its citizens. Good behavior gets rewarded while bad behavior gets punished. It’s easy to see that this is not the system that we want to adopt in the United States. China and […]

Mother Whitmer Ignores Political Drunken Son as the Man Finds out What Life Is Really About

Jewell Jones wishes that he never tipped the bottle the night he was arrested for driving under the influence. He wishes that he would have been more dignified when the cops pulled him over. And he would like to crawl in a hole and hide after he cried out for mother Whitmer to save him […]

Wow! Biden Justice Department Officially Declares War on Conservatives, Calls for Brutal Crackdown Against Trump Voters

The Biden Justice Department is weighing their options on yet another crazy initiative. They are said to be “actively considering” new measures that will allow prosecutors to obtain more authority when it comes to bringing specific charges against those who stand accused of domestic terrorism. “One of the things we’re looking at is would we […]

Dividing the Homeland Will Be Biden’s Claim to Fame

Joe Biden is quickly becoming the most significant mistake made in 2020. Voters are now looking back and wishing that they could change their vote to the Republican side. Biden promised unity and lots of good times ahead. But once his bottom hit the rocking chair, those promises turned to dust. And he quickly started […]

Track Star Nearly Dies After Being Forced to Cover Face to Run Outside

Joe Biden is the masking wonder that seeks to place a permanent mask on the face of America. COVID-19 has long since been on the way out of American history. Numbers continue to fall, and life is slowly getting back to normal. But if Joe Biden has anything to say about it, people will be […]

When Insanity Reigns Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

The nasty part about the destructive teachings of the Democratic Party is seen in the hurt lives of people that end up committing suicide because liberals have told them that they have no purpose in life. For a child to be told repeatedly that they are no better than a bug because evolutionary teachings put […]

The World Gangs Up on China for Genocide

The enemy of my enemy is my ally. Sound familiar? This is what the entire world is going through as many countries look to state that China has committed an unthinkable act. China has not made a lot of friends in the past few years. They’ve broken treaties. They’ve been guilty of human rights violations. […]

Sick Ilhan Omar Uses One Funeral to Promote Another for Political Reasons

Ilhan Omar has no concept of what is acceptable with social behavior. For her to attend Daunte Wright’s funeral and that moment to stage a political activism speech is disrespectful and dishonoring to the deceased. Funerals are not a forum to push a political agenda or some personal vendetta. They are a time for the […]

What? Chicago Mayor Says Police Need to Ask for Permission Before Attempting to Stop a Crime in Process

The city of Chicago is trying its hand at police reform and the results are predictably disastrous. This is what happens when you try to upset the status quo just to please a few whiny liberals. Derek Chauvin’s conviction and the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus have led to renewed conversations about this topic. […]

Post Office Caught Spying on Customers and Their Social Media

The private lives that people have come to love are long past. The Democrats and their aggressive partners are stripping away freedoms and the right to a private life one at a time and in the name of security. Americans are told what they can post on social media through censorship, and their accounts are […]

Forget About Shootings…Let’s Talk Stabbings

The Democrats want to strip the country of Second Amendment rights because of murders using guns. Not just assault-style rifles. All guns. Handguns, rifles, pistols, revolvers. If it’s a gun, Democrats label it as bad. They don’t understand that adding gun laws won’t change the statistics. People who want to commit murder will find a […]

Less Than Half of America Are Church Goers?

What if I told you that less than half of all Americans belong to a church? Would you be surprised? Well, according to a recent Gallup poll, it’s true. Churchgoers now make up a mere 47 percent of our population. And no, I’m not just talking about Christians or Catholics, as are the more popular […]

Texas Infuriates Liberals With Huge Step to Combat Gun Control

The Lone Star state is once again infuriating liberals and blazing the path to second amendment glory, throwing off the bonds of liberal aggression with a state bill that has passed its first hurtles which would abolish the state’s requirement for  law-abiding citizens acquire a permit from the state before exercising their right to bear […]

Just Admit It, The Wall Would Have Solved a Lot of Problems

Do you want to know what works to stop people from going where they shouldn’t be going? A wall. Trump dreamed of building a wall to help with the migration issue – and it started to work. The Democrats hated to admit that it worked, but it did. After the Capitol riot in January, what […]

The Story Biden’s Media Mob Doesn’t Want You to See! 70 Year Old Woman Brutally Beaten by Biden Thugs Because She Looked Asian

A 70-year-old Mexican woman was brutally assaulted by a young black woman for the wrong reasons and we are tired of seeing stories like these. This 23-year-old woman attacked the woman under false pretenses. Her hair was yanked out, concussion, broken nose and black eyes. Yasmine Beasley beat the victim after her son referred to […]

Pelosi: The Original Street Fighter

Everyone, get your action heroes in order. There may be a new character being added to video games around the world as one street fighter has been unnamed for too many years: Nancy Pelosi. Most people would have assumed that Nancy Pelosi was just an 81-year-old politician who serves as Speaker of the House. Nope. […]

Ron Desantis Provides a Democratic Smackdown With Major Proof He Knows What He’s Doing

The crazy Democrats are running scared of Ron DeSantis. He has become their favorite person to hate since Donald Trump left the scene. The Floridan governor does not take liberal attacks lightly. He knows that they are looking for a fight, and he is willing to give it to them wherever they show their ugly […]

Biden Wants Trust as He Tells the World He Will Obey the Rules

Joe Biden is a man that has to redefine the words that he has to use in order to make himself sound intelligent. His liberal push to have the Democratic Party engage in changing the rules and moving forward with partisan-sided things. Liberals have the audacity to change things to make them fit their agenda. […]

Whitmer Pauses the Economy in Michigan to Argue with Science…Again

It’s hard to argue with science. Well, unless you’re a Democratic governor set to destroy the economy. Once again, Gretchen Whitmer has decided to make the residents of Michigan miserable. Rather than pay attention to the recommendations of the CDC and look at the success that many Republican states have had with opening everything up, […]

This Just In: Science Identifies Only Two Sexes Exist

Sex: Male or Female. Those are the only two bubbles that should exist on any form. For most, it’s a clear answer. Identify your sex. If you listen to the liberals long enough, you’ll have yourself questioning just how many genders exist. There have been more and more arguments rising to say that there are […]

Biden’s a Liar Liar Pants Caught Fire as Psaki Tries To Use Fire Extinguisher to Save His Pants (Video)

Joe Biden is the joke that will be told for years to come. He is a pen-happy man who is circumventing the Constitutional described way as to how laws are to be made. It is evident that he does not trust the legislature to write bills that he can sign, even though they are members […]

China Moving In for the Kill as They Surround Taiwan With Their Military

China learned months ago that they could get away with murder because Joe Biden is sitting in the Oval Office. They know that the old man will not do what Donald Trump did to keep them from torturing other countries around them. Biden owes the Chinese millions of dollars in loans he took from them […]

Biden’s People Admits that Donald Trump’s Wall is What is Needed to Stop Illegals

The Democratic voters realize for the first time that they made a massive mistake voting for crazy Joe Biden. They are wishing that they would have thought through the border wall issue better and what would happen if Biden were to mess with the growing economy. The insane president destroyed jobs and made a mess […]

Air Force Adds Robot Dogs Since Liberals Don’t Like Human Security

There’s not enough diversity in the military anymore. And there are too many extremists. What are we to do? Someone needs to protect us! Liberals on Capitol Hill love to complain about our military, yet they have no problem keeping National Guard troops there months past when it was necessary. Since the liberals are afraid […]

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