Everyone is anxious to see a North American Trade Deal pass as quickly as possible. The only ones who don’t want to see it are the progressive lefts because it would mean a win for Trump.

However, it’s best for those all across the continent – and there’s a new push to get the deal in place over the next 60 to 90 days.

According to Peter Navarro, a White House trade adviser, there’s a new push coming from the Trump administration.

Navarro told CNBC that the next 30 days are critical to ensure that the agreement is passed. With lawmakers finally returning from summer break, Democrats and Republicans alike are eager to focus on their priorities.

In the past, Dems haven’t wanted to deal with the trade deal. However, a number of moderates in the House have come around to Trump’s way of thinking – and can be exactly what’s needed to make sure that the deal passes as quickly as possible.

Navarro has expressed the importance of this deal. He is convinced that House Speaker Pelosi will do the right thing by getting the job done – and this means making sure that it makes it onto the floor to get the vote.

Robert Lighthizer, a US Trade Representative, has been working with the house Democrats for months in order to push changes for environmental provisions, prescription drug language, and enforcement, as well as pact labor standards.

While many Democratic lawmakers say that they have been in contact with the representative throughout the summer break, they are saying that they can’t move forward until being shown former counterproposals from the administration – and this is where the disconnect is going to be.

Americans around the country have emphasized that they want to see progress on the deal. With so little days to work on the deal, Congress needs to make this a priority. With Dems barely being back in session, they have already shown that they want to drag their feet.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a win for Trump or not. Dems need to realize that this isn’t about Trump winning or losing. It’s about providing better trade practices for the US with Canada and Mexico.

The issue has been going on for months – and people are tired of waiting. Congress could have easily taken care of the vote before they want on their summer hiatus. However, most of the House Dems were still talking about impeachment instead of focusing on more pressing issues that have a real impact around the country.

There’s been more pressure on getting a signed deal, too, following the G7 summit that Trump attended in France. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has already said that the deal is good for the workers.

Mexico, too, is looking for the signed deal as it will help them make economic improvements. Particularly with Mexico becoming more responsible for immigration and taking care of their southern border, the trade agreement can work to improve things for them.

It’s not clear as to how Pelosi feels about the North American trade deal. There are plenty of moderate freshmen in the House who say that they think that they can convince her to bring it to the floor for a vote.

The only trade deals Pelosi has been focusing on recently are the UK trade deals having to do with Brexit.

Something needs to be in place after the NAFTA was pulled. The replacement deal, known as USMCA, is something that Pence has been traveling around the country in order to make happen. Everyone is hoping for a vote on it by October – especially with Canada and Mexico already making changes in order to make it go through.

If Pelosi doesn’t bring the bill up to the floor to be considered, it’s like the entire House caucus is telling their constituents that the NAFTA was a better option than the USMCA – which is not the way that most Americans feel.

Pelosi has said on several occasions that the substance of the USMCA will determine the timing. Until certain concerns are addressed, she won’t bring it to the floor.

This becomes a waiting game, hoping that Pelosi will send the agreement to the floor the way that it is written now in order to force a vote.

At least, then, it can be seen if work still has to be done or if it can be executed in the form that it is now. Fingers crossed that the moderate Dems can do their magic in the background to get the final push the deal needs.