Joe Biden’s political campaign has been in trouble for a while. Although he’s getting top donors, he’s not at the same fundraising level as his competitors. Warren, Buttigieg, and others are using online platforms for serious fundraising. The amounts are smaller but they’re pouring in by the thousands.

Many people are likely trying to figure out if Biden is capable of getting the DNC nod, and more importantly, being able to beat Trump. Especially since Biden hasn’t been able to nab the endorsement of the man he served as VP next to for eight years, it’s hard for Biden to get the real traction that he needs.

Even though Obama isn’t choosing to stand behind Biden and provide an endorsement, there are plenty of Obama alumni who are rallying to give the former VP a boost in the fundraising department.

A number of high-ranking administration officials from the Obama-era are hosting a soirée on Wednesday for Joe Biden – and the officials are nearing three dozen. The event is designed to show public support of the former VP’s campaign as well as to help with fundraising.

The event is taking place at Jeff Zients’ home, the Ex-National Economic Council Director, along with his wife Mary. Zients and others are trying to help Biden with the fundraising since he has fallen short of some of the other candidates.

They are looking to send a message, showing that Obama’s allies need to be behind Biden since he has the greatest chance of beating Trump, according to various social circles. Some of the Obama allies are drifting toward some of the newer, shinier candidates such as Pete Buttigieg.

According to Pete Rouse, a supporter and one of the individuals helping to host the event identifies that this event is a dual purpose – countering the narrative that has come against him as well as raising money.

Zients and Rouse aren’t the only high-profile cohosts. Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, former Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, and many others are working to make this event a success, too.

Plenty of others are looking to host, too, including national security advisers from the Obama administration, such as Tom Donilon and Lisa Monaco.

The cost to attend the event ranges from $1000-$2800, with the latter being the maximum donation for the primary campaign. Details of the event in terms of how many are set to attend has not been released.

Plenty of those within the Obama administration are pushing Joe Biden to get the high-dollar fundraising that he needs. He attended another event this past Sunday in the home of Terry McAuliffe, the former governor of Virginia. This is where another group of alumni from the Obama administration were there to back him, including Catherine Russell, the former ambassador.

It’s hard not to notice that some other Obama alumni have turned toward other candidates. This includes many turning not only to Pete Buttigieg but also Beto O’Rourke and Elizabeth Warren. Carney, one of the hosts for Biden, has also donated to Buttigieg. So, while many are looking to help Biden get to where he needs to be in terms of fundraising dollars, they’re not dedicating themselves to one candidate at this point in time.

Joe Biden is proving that the only thing he knows how to do is fall back on the heels of Obama. His greatest claim to fame is that he was the Vice President within the Obama administration. His relationship with Barrack Obama and his time in the White House for eight years is what has helped to keep him at the top of the polls.

He has also promised to carry out several policies that were not accomplished before Trump took office. This includes maintaining Obamacare, something that more Democrats would prefer to see as opposed to the Medicare for All that some of the progressives are pushing, including Warren and Sanders.

If it weren’t for Biden’s position as former VP, he wouldn’t be as high as he is in the polls. He also wouldn’t have countless hosts from the Obama administration rushing to help him with his fundraising since he cannot seem to do it on his own.

It seems as though the Obama alumni have more money than common sense since they’re backing someone who is dropping in the polls. With all of the questions coming out about Biden and his son, his position in the polls is dropping. There’s not a single candidate on the Democratic side capable of beating Trump, but at least they’re sending Biden out with one heck of a party.