Old man Joe Biden is losing his mind and he is losing the presidential race. His latest attacks on the president center around the president wanting to stop coronavirus testing. Biden stated that “the crisis in Arizona is the direct result of Donald Trump’s failure to lead and his desire to ‘slow the testing down,’ and Americans are suffering the consequences.” He alludes that the president is at fault for the increase in the infections because he wants to stop testing.

Biden only wants to ramp up testing because the falsified numbers give the Democrats cause to create panic in America. He wants President Trump to “immediately resume operating federally-managed community-based testing around the country and establish multiple sites in Arizona.”

He also wants the president to hurry the testing because November is getting closer. He wants people to believe that the president puts politics ahead of the people. Which when a person looks at the actions of the president for the past four years will find that President Trump puts people first.

A major problem with the old man’s attacks is that his beloved god and mentor did the same thing in 2009 when the swine flu was sweeping the world. Obama ordered all states to shut down the testing sites. During that time one of Biden’s advisors would admit that Obama did nothing right when combatting the swine flu.

No one can believe a thing Biden says at this point because he and Obama have done what the president seeks to do this year. No more testing is needed. Health officials have already learned everything they can about the virus. It is time to let the virus run its course and stop frightening people.

CBS stated in 2009 that “In late July, the CDC abruptly advised states to stop testing for H1N1 flu, and stopped counting individual cases. The rationale given for the CDC guidance to forego testing and tracking individual cases was: why waste resources testing for H1N1 flu when the government has already confirmed there’s an epidemic?”

The same logic can be used for COVID-19. Take the resources from the testing sites and pour them into the hospitals that need them. Stop wasting time and money when everyone already knows that there is an issue.

The same rhetoric and pattern are seen with COVID-19 as with the swine flu. CBS would go on to report that “Some public health officials privately disagreed with the decision to stop testing and counting, telling CBS News that continued tracking of this new and possibly changing virus was important because H1N1 has a different epidemiology, affects younger people more than seasonal flu and has been shown to have a higher case fatality rate than other flu virus strains.” These are the same words that are being used by the liberal media to defend continued testing.

Media outlets are using the same old tactics to scare people and disrupt the country as they did back in 2009. But in it all, Obama called for a shutdown of the testing sites just like President Trump is doing now. The only reason he did not get attacked like the president is now is that he was a Democrat.

The coronavirus is all that Biden has to attack the president with. It is easy to attack a person and tell others that events have been handled wrongly when there is no precedent to compare with.

President Trump has done the best job that could have been done to save lives and deal with a media circus and Democratic pushed agenda through a known pandemic. The untold part of the testing is that the media will not report on exactly how many people have been tested. They only report on the infections and not those that test negative.

Biden is on shaky ground and is losing that ground to the president. His arguments are full of holes as he and Obama have done the same thing that they now criticize the president about.

President Trump is the best president ever seen. He is the right man for the office of the president and he will have another four years.