It’s easy to read one news story in the headlines and be disappointed by mankind. However, now and then, a story comes along that is truly breathtaking. It’s nice to know that, in today’s day and age, there are still “good guys” out there.

In Oklahoma, there was an inspiring story that came out regarding a police officer going above and beyond the call of duty. In the process, he managed to transform a young boy’s life completely.

Officer Jody Thompson was doing his job like he always had. He received a phone call about a possible child abuse case. He was off duty but chose to respond to the call anyway. He had a strong background in child abuse cases and didn’t want to stand by and do nothing. He told reporters that his idea was to respond to the call with some of the on-duty officers, simply to provide assistance.

Thompson had no idea what he was going to see. It broke his heart as soon as he arrived on the scene. Inside of a trashcan filled with cold water, there was an emaciated and badly beaten eight-year-old boy, barely holding on to his life.

Thompson recalls that it was the worst thing he had ever seen. There wasn’t a spot on the boy’s body that didn’t have an abrasion or a bruise.

The boy’s name was John, and Thompson rushed him to the Oklahoma Children’s Advocacy Center. It would make it possible for detectives to collect information and get him to the hospital. Thompson stayed by the boy’s side in the intensive care unit.

Thompson watched John recover. While he did this, he started to take the steps necessary to become a foster parent. He wanted to make sure he could continue watching over this child.

Thompson said the moment that he saw the boy in the house, shivering, soaking wet, and his hands tied, he knew that he wanted to make sure that the boy would be safe – and safe was with him.

Seven months later, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services placed a call to the officer. They wanted to know if he would be willing to foster a baby girl.

This girl turned out to be John’s full sister – the baby who was born to the abusive mother while she was in jail.

This made it possible for Thompson to unite the brother and sister into a loving family. Thompson said that he was able to pick up the little girl from the hospital when she was only a day old.

Both of John’s parents are serving considerable sentences and have given up parental rights to both of the children. Both children, now, are in the care of Officer Thompson. Thompson is thankful to have the two children in his custody, providing them with the loving family that they never had from the start.

Since responding to this child abuse case and providing care for them, Officer Jody Thompson received a commendation medal from the Oklahoma Bureau of investigations as a result of investigating child abuse cases.

The Poteau Chief of Police, Stephen Fruen, made a statement saying that Thompson exemplified love and compassion in a way that everyone should follow. He went on to say that he is proud to serve with Thompson and its “men like you” that make him proud of all of the law enforcement brothers and sisters that are out there.

Because of Thompson’s desire to help children who are in child abuse situations, he responded to a call, despite not being on the clock. He thought he was simply being helpful – he had no idea that it was going to change his life forever.

Not only did he change his life, but it also changed the lives of John and his younger sister. Had it not been for Thompson’s quick thinking, this story could have had a considerably different ending.

It appears that John and his sister are now in a loving family. Thompson is committed to keeping the children safe, and with their parents behind bars, it looks like this is going to be a long-term solution for the children. It will allow them to learn what love is and lead happier healthier lives.

Stories like this need to make it to the front page more often so that people can start to gain faith in mankind once again. With so much darkness being shown in the world, it’s incredible that men like Thompson still exist.