In this week’s version of ‘The Dems: Believe It or Not,’ Nancy Pelosi and her cohort of House Dems passed legislation that would pay illegal aliens. As one story reported, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s proposed stimulus package aimed to bring aid and relief to those impacted by the pandemic was approved by House Democrats and is now headed to the Senate.

Like the previous proposals crafted by Pelosi and the Dems, however, this newest stimulus package isn’t all that it seems. According to our aforementioned story, “White House adviser Peter Navarro swatted down the possibility that the coronavirus stimulus package passed by House Democrats would be acceptable by the Trump administration.”

The story here though isn’t about another stimulus package that looks to be killed in the Senate, but why it will die there. Navarro, during a recent interview with George Stephanopoulos on the ABC news program This Week,” revealed those reasons, along with his dismay and disbelief.

If this latest Democrat-led and driven stimulus package would somehow manage to survive the GOP-controlled Senate, and if by some act of lunacy it was approved by President Trump’s Administration, then it would definitely help everyone.

And by everyone, that means illegal aliens who have already broken at least one major law by entering the country. Now, as just punishment for their actions, for creating a financial burden, inducing educational strain, promoting a healthcare crisis, and for increasing the risk of crime all while making the country less safe – they will get paid!

That sounds fair.

No, this latest stimulus package doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in a microwave of surviving, but if it did? Remind us again, Ms. Speaker, why this makes sense. What is right about helping illegal aliens who have lost work and wages yet who have also taken jobs and opportunities from American citizens? What is fair about giving them stimulus money that would otherwise go toward helping Americans and their families cope and survive this deadly pandemic?

Okay – you got us, this was simply an oversight – right? Wrong.

As our story also shared, “The bill, which includes massive assistance to states and local governments suffering from the coronavirus lockdown, would allow those who use taxpayer-identification numbers to be eligible for direct cash assistance, paving the way for illegal aliens who don’t have Social Security numbers to be eligible for the $1,200 checks.”

Then, when that oversight was recognized, as the story continued, “House Republicans introduced an amendment that would have prevented illegal aliens from receiving the stimulus checks…” wait for it, “…but Democratic lawmakers shot it down before passing the bill on Friday.”

No, this wasn’t an oversight and even in light of this loophole for illegals, the stimulus legislation was approved. The bigger question here also might be, why?

Why didn’t they just make the change and close the loophole?

Why was this stimulus package passed on to the Senate (knowing full well it would survive mind you), despite being made aware of the problems with the written stimulus requirements?

Why move forward when we all know that this won’t help Americans. It will steal from hard-working citizens, valuable and even vital resources they need to live. It will hurt illegals by encouraging more to take the risk, even while risking their lives. It will hurt the taxpayer by creating more processes, more time spent, and more tax dollars wasted on futile political power-plays.

So – why?

Now, for the icing on the cake, “The legislation also calls on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to reduce its detainee population, and bars the administration from withholding federal grant money from localities that refuse cooperation with federal immigration authorities.”

And that has what to do with a stimulus package supposedly created solely for the purpose of helping American citizens, businesses, and communities fight the pandemic?

It gets better! We are willing to bet a trillion dollars that you couldn’t guess the name this bill was dubbed by the Dems. The proposed legislation that made it past the house vote is being called the “HEROES Act,” and it is a $3 trillion stimulus package.

What more can we say? And just remember, on the Dem’s Believe It or Not, if it sounds too incredulous to be true, then it probably is!