To say that Pelosi’s caucus is fractured is an understatement. There are a lot of loud, opinionated Representatives who all want to get their way.

Progressives and moderates are battling it out on almost every issue. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has no choice but to fight for peace in order to be able to accomplish anything.

Upcoming Votes

Pelosi and some of her lieutenants have varies votes in place for the month so that both wings of the party can be satisfied. By doing so, the goal is to provide a reset so that they can go into recess in August.

Further, keeping the peace will make it easier when fiscal spending bills are discussed later in the year.

Border spending feud is one of the biggest issues that are causing a problem. However, there may be no way around that particular issue, primarily because of funding.

One vote will be to hold two Trump officials in contempt over the 2020 census question. This will be a way to placate some of the Dems who are itching to impeach Trump.

Another vote will be on a package of immigration bills that cover some of the priorities that were scrapped to sign in the Senate bill for humanitarian aid.

Finally, to make the moderates happy, there will be a vote to cover election security legislation as well as the boycott movement against Israel.

Head to Head with Ocasio-Cortez

Pelosi has had to go head to head with freshman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. AOC wanted to have her voice heard and Pelosi belittled her.

While it wasn’t the way to go about it, Pelosi sees what AOC really is.

AOC is like the alien in Independence Day that whispers, “No Peace,” against the glass, only to be shot at repeatedly through the glass wall. She isn’t looking to make peace with the House, the Senate, or anyone for that matter.

She’s all about shaking things up so that she can make a name for herself. She’s got a name alright, and it’s not a good one.

As a freshman, AOC still hasn’t learned important things like tact or compromise.

Stay Off of Twitter

You know things are bad when Pelosi has to call a closed-door meeting with progressive Dems to stay off of their Twitter accounts. Too many of the younger Dems are going onto Twitter to criticize their centrist colleagues.

To be clear, the younger Dems are going on and complaining about other Dems. If this doesn’t signify a major crack in the Democratic Party, then nothing will. It’s like complaining about co-workers constantly in a public forum. It’s not done.

Pelosi had to tell the Democrats that it is not okay to tweet about members of the House of Representatives.

If they have a complaint, they’re to see her about it. Pelosi has had no choice but to treat the freshman reps as though they are children because of their childish antics.

Ocasio-Cortez and the other three Dems who seem to be using Twitter the most, including Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, are quick to criticize Pelosi on Twitter. However, Pelosi has told people to “think twice.”

Although she didn’t target anyone specifically with her comments, it was clear that it was about these four, the same four who opposed the original humanitarian package created by the House.

A House Divided

Although Pelosi knows that she needs to get her House in order, quite literally, there’s no way that she can with the divide between the liberals and the moderates. Particularly with Ocasio-Cortez leading a pack of far-lefters, it’s almost as if the House is divided into four groups, with the far-lefters, the liberals, the moderates…and then the Republicans.

With the House being in such disarray, it’s not likely that they’ll accomplish much. They can’t agree on whether to impeach the president, hold officials in contempt, send money to the border, or anything else.

What this means is that everyone who will pick up a ballot in 2020 will see that there’s such a problem. It’s only going to strengthen Trump’s position because people would rather align themselves with a party that can agree on things than a party that can’t even be civil towards each other without running and tattling on each other through a series of tweets.

Pelosi has her work cut out for her, but AOC and some of the other progressives are dead set against letting her succeed. They don’t like Trump but they don’t like Pelosi, either. It’s quite the circus on Capitol Hill and Pelosi has become the ringleader.