All across America, people are being threatened to give up their milk money or Black Lives Matter and their liberal cohorts are going to radically beat them to get what they want.

The liberals torched the 3rd precinct of Minneapolis after George Floyd was killed. Ever since that Democratic staged day, liberal criminals have been targeting hard-working Americans trying to take what does not belong to them.

The liberal politicians around the country have their hands full trying to defund the police. They are so blinded by their hatred for law enforcement that they cannot see clearly to stop the crime wave that is about to envelop them all. Instead of trying to reduce the crime, they are trying to increase the crime by taking down the police force.

Minneapolis is a blender of crime and liberal protests. The entire city is one big mess. There are no longer enough police to patrol the streets the way they once did. So now criminals patrol the streets looking to knock off people that are easy targets. Young kids and the elderly are their favorite kinds of people to target because they offer the least resistance.

The pathetic politicians have failed the voters in Minneapolis and other places around the country where liberals are throwing the police out into the streets. The police are the only force that can be readily called to action to stop the invasion that the liberals are pressing every night in many areas.

The loopy politicians in Minneapolis are afraid for their own safety and yet they continue to defund the police. Their rationale is beyond reason and understanding.

The month of July is proof that defunding the police will fail everywhere. In Minneapolis alone, there were over 100 robberies and 20 carjackings that took place. Compared to other months, that is a historic level for the city.

And it is solely related to the liberal’s actions of getting rid of law enforcement. The Democratic way of getting rid of the competition is by telling the criminals to attack them. Who wants to vote when they stand the risk of getting mugged?

In several instances of attacks on people, they have been maced, dragged, and assaulted with various kinds of weapons which include guns. And because the police are not able to intervene they are counseling people that they should bow to the demands of the criminals.

They are telling people to “be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet, do as they [the criminals] say.”

No one is coming to help those that are being beaten and attacked. The lovely liberals on the city council have seen to shortchange people and jump in bed with the criminals.

An odd way for them to win an upcoming election. The recommendations by the police are supposed to be related to robbery prevention. But giving up one’s own items is a robbery completed.

At least the police are fighting back with the information. After all, a good homework assignment should stop a murderer from invading a home. The only thing that will stop violence is a like force.

There must be forced used to stop the evil from decimating innocent people. the police also recommend for people to avoid “stopping for strangers who are trying to approach you or stop your car.”

Maybe this is their way of telling people to start running over BLM members and rioters that surround a person’s car demanding them to get out of it. After all, they should not have been playing in the streets during rush hour.

But that might land an innocent person in jail along with their neighbor who defended themselves and their family from the same group committing terrible crimes against humanity.

The liberals are trying to force their new evil utopia on people. The Democrats need someone to fund their kingly way of life as they torture their subjects into submission.

President Trump and the rest of the Republicans are the only force that stands in the way of the evil Democrats unleashing their terrible reign of darkness on the American people. Too bad the Democrats are going to lose in November.

The hopes of their utopia are going up in smoke and the country is laughing in their faces.