While this might not be shocking news to the Swedes, those of us in America would be quite surprised to discover how many in Sweden view marriage.

It could also be a faint hint into how the new generation of Dems thinks too. It is always easy to criticize the stewardship of the boat you’re in… then you hop in someone else’s boat and realize that your captain wasn’t so bad after all!

A recent statement by a politician, which was more of a stance and political viewpoint for them, made many who caught wind of that headline here at home do a double-take.

The headline was the result of Jonny Cato’s response to a question regarding his views on polygamy. That question won’t sound quite so strange in a minute (okay – it still might but at least it will make more sense).

Cato, the Centre Party’s new migration policy spokesman, as one story reports he was asked about his views on polygamy while responding to questions from a local newspaper journalist.

It was Cato’s party, after all, that made a legislative push to have polygamy legalized, just a few years ago. His response to being asked if people should be allowed to be married to more than one person at the same time?

He said, “I think it is a difficult question and it is honestly not something I have thought so much about. I see both the advantages and disadvantages of it.”

Thank goodness he’s only twenty-five years old. Thank goodness America doesn’t have such views regarding the sanctity of marriage – and thank goodness Cato is in Sweden. And we mean thankfully for him and for us.

(Authors note: If you find yourself asking what the problem is with polygamy then that either means you’re like Cato, relatively young or at least under 50 years of age and that you aren’t ready to get married yet.)

We should be careful, however, of mocking the Swedes for their considerably more “free” spirited society. This isn’t so much about issues such as cultural differences though, this is more about the moral fabric of our country.

When the ultra-steamy movie 50 Shades of Gray was released some years ago, American audiences were stunned by the sexually explicit nature of the film. Swedish audiences – were bored. Those are differences of social acceptance and norms but polygamy isn’t about nudity or sexuality, or norms.

Within our own government and among the newest generation of Democrats we have already seen this lack of respect and honor for the institution of marriage. Just look at the recent resignation of former Rep. Katie Hill and the extramarital activities that led to her resignation.

Look no farther than the Democrat’s infamous Squad and the questions surrounding Rep. Ilhan Omar who is recently divorced. The reason for the dissolution? Her husband believes she was having an affair. There is also much more to Omar’s story that could lead us to questions her respect for the Holy union of marriage.

As a country, we gasp at the idea of legalized polygamy. As a nation, we are proud of our country even despite our shortcomings. And as people in the same boat, we need to remember that.

Let Sweden be Sweden, and let young Mr. Cato be a voice for his political party – there. Here, at home, however, we hold fast to the ideas, the principles, and the morals that help form the backbone of our country.

We believe in family and family values. We support marriage and the idea of loyalty, faithfulness, and trust between two people – “until death do us part.”

We also hope that values like ethics, kindness, honesty, and discretion don’t become lost in a world where decency is eroding.

We are that shining example on the Hill and that is in more ways than one. Marriage is one of the foundations of our great nation, and that is a boat we are proud to row.

Thankfully politicians like Cato don’t live in America. We may want to keep an eye on some of the new faces appearing on the Democratic side of the aisle though because they don’t live in Sweden – they live here.