The cowardly Ted Wheeler of Portland has only placated to the rioters ransacking the city every night for three months. His reluctance to put a stop to it once and for all has only empowered Antifa, and Black Lives Matter members. Their unlawful attempt to push a state of anarchy on the country is a futile attempt by their supporters to place a weak Democrat in the White House.

Each night the terrorists take to the streets claiming that there needs to be a change made in the country. But they plan to allow the unruly and unlawful to reign in a period of terror on people wanting to live free. The late-night protests that Wheeler supports are just the start of something that will continue to grow unless it is stopped once and for all.

Wheeler does not support the Portland Police Department’s men and women that go out each night to defend the American way of life. And regardless of what they are paid or face, they continue to do their job because they swore an oath to serve and protect the people of Portland and all that law and order stands for.

The citizens of Portland are tired of the terror that has been instilled in their lives by Antifa and BLM. And the police are taking more significant action to quiet the nonsense that creeps out when the sun goes down.

Wheeler may let the rioters do what they want in the dark. But the police are not letting the dark reach the rioters. For months, Antifa and others have committed unthinkable acts of violence against the United States of America. But their reign of terror in Portland is coming to an end.

The police have taken the initiative to arrest anyone and everyone that shows up to protest. Their assembly to gather was declared by a money-hungry mayor that is sick of paying overtime as an unlaw gathering. This gave the police the needed permission to take out the rioters.

The rioters have long waited until midnight to enact their flood of violence. The fires they start and the injury they inflict is just the start of their true intentions. Antifa and BLM will not stop until their flood of violence has swept through every city and small town.

The real heroes are the men and women moving to make Portland the other streets of America safe for all people. The Portland Police stopped what is known as the “Third Act” by putting a stop to it quickly.

Once the gathering was declared unlawful, it took long for the police to pick off offenders. Local and state police herded the animals into one area and started making the arrests. The protestors were ordered to leave, and those that refused were taken down for criminal activity.

Once all of the arrests were made, there was no one left to attack people and destroy what people have worked so hard to build for themselves. Antifa has become a terrorist group that threatens freedom. President Trump has declared them as a domestic enemy.

For a long time, the media has even blended with the crowd as an attempt to shield them from the police. The Democrats have brainwashed the media into believing that crowds are innocent people and the police are evil.

Whenever a person is arrested, the reporters try and free the person using the press’s freedom as a cover. But that protection no longer can be used by just any person. One video shows an officer giving orders to arrest every person that is not a part of the press.

The crowd was a lot smaller come the midnight hour as the thugs were arrested. The desire to commit violent crimes was no longer present as the people involved in committing them were already behind bars. They will stand before their judge and have to answer for crimes against the country and crimes against Portland’s people. And the only people they will have to thank are those that protect the city from Antifa and BLM killers’ likes.