Over 2,000 federal prisoners owe their freedom to one generous individual named President Trump. Right now 2,200 prisoners are praising the president because he signed a bill that essentially saw these people released because of good behavior.

The bill was a bipartisan effort to help reform parts of the prison system. There have been others involved in the process, but President Trump is the one that will sign it into law.

He is the one that has the final say as to what becomes law in America and what must be reworked in order to make America greater than it already is as a nation and as a people.

Federal prisoners are extremely grateful today as they were the first to be released under the new bill that is being called the First Step Act. This bill is set up to reduce the sentence of prisoners that have been good while in prison.

In a way, they have earned their freedom by having good behavior. Each prisoner is also set to be reunited with their families. These people are getting a second chance at life, and they are not going to waste it.

President Trump has also seen to it that many of them are able to get good-paying jobs once they are released. Prisoners have an extremely hard time finding work once they are released.

But President Trump knows that and wants all of them to have a second start in life. The White House, under the direction of the president, has the “Second Chance” program that essentially helps the inmates get hired by major corporations.

President Trump has the compassion that many Americans still have at their core. The president has stated that “We’re a nation that believes in redemption.”

He has noted that people with a criminal background are not able to find jobs. Their unemployment rate is five times higher than the national average of 3.8 percent.

The president in his humble way is asking for companies to have compassion and give these people a second chance at life. These people will need jobs, housing, and other essentials if they are going to make it.

Most of all they will need the support of their families, friends, neighbors and fellow countrymen if they are going to start a new life of freedom. America is a nation built of new chances for those that are looking to enter the country legally.

This goes for people that have lost their freedom because of a bad choice they made years ago.

People are praising their thanks to President Trump for signing this bill into law. There is not a destructive Democrat or terrorist AOC member around that can say the president does not care about people.

Everything he does is for the benefit of people and making their lives better. The President has the welfare of people in mind when he makes major decisions. He even cares about people from other countries as he engages the ruthless evil leaders of countries that seek to hurt people.

Many other notable organizations are joining in on the effort to see these Americans had a good start. The Society for Human Resources Management is offering help to find employment and the Goodwill is promising their help as well. Both of these organizations specialize in helping people find employment when it is needed most.

The first inmate that is set to be released is Matthew Charles. President Trump has called him a “model citizen” for his behavior while in federal prison.

The president wants to see the barriers that men and women face when they get out of prison removed, so they do not end up there again. So many inmates that are released find their way back to prison because of the hardship society throws at them. For some prison was a place where they had a bed and food, which is something they did not have once they were released.

The First Step Act will also move current prisoners to within 500 miles of their families. This will allow family members to visit and support them while they are serving their time behind bars.

Prison time destroys people and relationships. But it does not have to be that way. The president is gracious and recognizes the struggle of people being released from prison face. His goal is to make it as easy as possible to reenter the country with all the support they need to succeed.