Vladimir Putin is a funny man. He mockingly makes fun of and puns at the struggles to go on in the United States. He made a “joke” of the fact that Russia will be making the point to interfere with the 2020 election.

This was no joke. It was rather a spirited way of making fun in the United States. Russia has never had any type or kind of respect for America. Especially now that the Democrats have made the country a circus with their constant criminal behavior towards the president.

Putin is no fool, but he says things that make him look and sound like one. When he was asked about what he thought about Mueller’s belief that Russia would be trying to interfere in the 2020 election he stated that it was a big “secret.” It is no secret.

Putin just said that his country would be interfering with the election. They will interfere just to make a point that they can harm the United States at any time as long as the Democrats are around.

President Trump has kept them away and has closed off their current access points. He has done this by increasing security measures around the nation and around sensitive sites. Putin has his little band of hackers just looking and waiting for a way into the system, so they can cause harm and trouble for the nation. He went on to say that “I’ll tell you in a secret — yes, we’ll intervene. It’s a secret that everybody can laugh, and so we’ll go big. But don’t tell anyone, please.”

Putin’s attempt to make the United States the circus of the world is about to unfold and the Democrats are going to be a mechanism that he uses for his criminal plan. The Democrats are so oblivious to what is going on around them that it is not hard to get them to fall for something that is a lie.

All Putin has to do is leak a way that he intends to interfere in the election to a Democrat and within the hour the whole world will be laughing.

There is no reason to believe that Putin is joking about his ill intents. The world knows that Russia is a deceptive and evil nation. They have for years mistreated many of their people and for years sought to destroy many of the countries that are now bordering the massive giant.

What is sad to see is that the world thinks America is a joke. The Democrats are the ones that will be used to harm the nation once again, and they will never get the butt of the joke which is them.

Putin is a man that knows how to manipulate to get what he wants. Everything that he says has a purpose behind it. This little discussion that he had with the interviewer will have to be taken seriously.

Russia will interfere in the election process just like they did a few years ago. Nothing is keeping them from interfering. One can only hope that President Trump and Mitch McConnell are serious about their threat to nations that interfere in the United States affairs.

Russia will have a big problem on their hands should they truly decide to try to interfere. But the sad part is that Russia does not care. If they can interfere just a little and get caught, then they consider the whole operation a success.

The dumb Democrats are the reason why there is so much trouble in the country today. They invite trouble from other nations and people within the borders of the nation. They way they handle themselves and fight with everyone provides everyone with a good laugh at their expense.

Of course, everyone loves to laugh at the dumb Democrats. When they are laughed at, the Democrats get all mad and red in the face which makes for some pretty good television.

The 2020 election will be huge for the Republicans as they win the majority in the House, Senate and maintain control of the White House. Maybe then the world will stop laughing at the dumb Democrats long enough to get on with life.