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Republican Senator and hero of America, Rand Paul, has decided to live the way his body is telling him too. He has decided that he no longer has to wear a mask when he serves in the Senate.

He has already had the virus and now his body is immune from its effects and he cannot pass it to other people because he is no longer sick. But the scared Democrats are crying about his personal choice to show America the truth behind the virus.

He stated that “I have immunity. I’ve already had the virus, so I can’t get it again. And I can’t give it to anybody. So of all the people you’ll meet here, I’m about the only safe person in Washington.”  He is the only one in Washington that cannot pass the virus around.

But even more than his choice to not wear a mask is the message he is sending to the people that the Democrats hate. He is showing that it is just like every other virus out there. A person can become immune to the threat once they beat it in their own bodies. There is already a built-in vaccine that comes with being a person.

Paul placed himself in quarantine when he first learned he had the virus. He was a person that was asymptomatic and decided it best to test and then isolate himself to keep others from getting sick. He has no desire to harm others as the Democrats do.

His enemies on the left were quick to attack him when he showed up with no mask. The reason that he could infect other people. But the age-old story of a person with no infection cannot spread what they do have is true of Senator Paul.

Megan Ranney, who is with Brown University stated in opposition that, “Regardless of whether he has been infected or not, he is a political leader, and his constituents look to him for guidance. He owes it to all of us to model best public health practice ― in other words, to wear a mask in public.”

Paul has the right to be an American and choose to wear a mask or not. It has nothing to do with setting an example. If the people that call themselves Democrats are that scared, then let then wear the masks. Americans would love to not see their faces anyways.

Ranney went on to speculate when she said “Additionally, at this point, we don’t yet know at what point people become non-infectious. Many health care workers are being required to have 2 negative nasopharyngeal swabs prior to going back to work.” The point here is that she does not know. But what is known of other viruses is that when a person beats it, they are immune and can never catch it again.

Senator Paul is an MD and he would know best as to what a virus does. It mutates and that is what makes people sick. But the original virus that everyone is so scared of cannot be passed on by him or anyone else that has beaten the illness.

The whole notion that people can catch it again is speculation. Paul stated that “modern science disagrees” with what the others are claiming about reinfection. That fear is of Democrat decent that would love to keep people in a state of fear.

Paul also quoted Dr. Fauci “We know with infections like this, that at least for a reasonable period, you’re gonna have antibodies that are protective.” There is always going to be an opinion. But what Paul will show is that he will be right and will make no one sick.

The Senator stated that “The fake news can’t stand that some people might not need to submit to the new authoritarianism of the left because they are immune to coronavirus.”

The very thought that people cannot be immune flies in the face of people trying to use antibodies to help others recover that are sick. Paul is a hero for stating the truth and living what he believes to be right.