It is time for the whistleblower’s identity to be made known. It is time for him or her to be questioned by the Republicans. The House Republicans have stepped up their pressure on the dumb impeachment inquiry that the demonic Democrats are pushing ahead with. Jim Jordan is the House Oversight Committee’s ranking member, and he wants there to be more transparency with the proceedings. He is also pushing for the whistleblower to be questioned and those responses to be made public.

Jordan got together with Devin Nunes and Michael McCaul to call on the whistleblower to come out of hiding. They want him to come out of hiding, so they can look at his or her sources to see if they are credible or not. Secrecy demands that the sources be held as fake and untrustworthy. There is nothing to lose by not coming forward. If the sources check out, then the whistleblower has everything to gain as his or her concerns are legitimate. But everyone knows that the  Democrats have faked this person, and they are trying to hide the truth.

Adam Schiff made a promise that the whistleblower would give testimony soon. But that was almost three months ago. The Democrats have been known to break their promises as they have repeatedly over the past few years. They have not kept up with their agreements to include the Republicans on decisions to question people about various things. They instead have excluded the Republicans and rationalize their actions as just because they believe that the Republicans should not be involved.

The Republicans can prove that Schiff is being shady and reversing his decisions as the whistleblower has political motivation with his complaint. It is also known that he or she was spoken to by someone in Schiff’s office before the complaint was filed. Schiff is up to no good and it appears that Schiff put the complaint in the mouth of the snitch. Evidence has surfaced that “contradicts” what is being said in the complaint.

Even the Ukrainian president said that there was no pressure for him to do anything about Biden or his criminal son Hunter. The whistleblower is a fraud and the Republicans know it. They want the chance to confront the person to see what his sources are and to determine if they are credible or not. The Republicans are also pushing for testimony from any of the aides that were involved in drafting the complaint. They want to make sure that no alterations were made to the document.

The Democrats have excluded the Republicans from the subpoena process which has led to a lopsided investigation. Everything is pointing to a conspiracy to hurt President Trump. The Republicans are going to make sure that they do not get away with it. Schiff and the witness are said to have fled when the Republicans showed up. Where they went no one knows. If the accusations are true, then there is no reason why the complaint providers need to hide. The truth is that there is no whistleblower and Ada Schiff has made the whole thing up. He fled because he does not want to go to prison.

The Republicans are calling the bluff of the  Democrats. They are abusing the impeachment process for their exploitation. The Democrats are just mad that one of their own was impeached when he was the president and now they want to return the favor. President Trump has done nothing to warrant such treatment by the hands of a bunch of murderous thugs.

Jim Jordan and his band of Republican heroes are continuing to put the pressure on Adam Schiff and his gang of Democrats. They want to make a case out of something that just is not there. President Trump has beaten the Democrats at every turn because he has done nothing to deserve the treatment that he is getting from his enemies. The Democratic-controlled House has three of their committees working on trying to impeach Trump. And they are no longer focusing on their job to help the nation be better than it was before all of this started.