Iran is suffering big at the hands of their criminal leaders. Their leaders are looking to develop nuclear weapons at the expense of the well-being of their people. When corrupt Obama led the United States into a treaty with them years ago it allowed Iran to develop their weapons without being watched.

But since that dark time, President Trump has brought to light the deception of the Iranian leaders and reimposed sanctions on them until they stop lying about their intentions.

The sanctions have put a major halt on the production of Iranian oil. The leaders rely heavily on the money that they get from the sale of the oil. 25 percent of the oil rigs in the country have come to grinding halt because of the sanctions. And now the production by their southern neighbor is only making matters worse for them.

The sanctions are working. They are putting a bitter reality in front of the corrupt Iranian leaders. They either deal fairly with their neighbors or they will continue to suffer under the sanctions.

The longer they resist the worse it will be for them in the long term. Many of their older oil fields have to keep being pumped to maintain the level of production they are used to. If those pumps stop, they will never be able to get them to start producing oil again.

The sanctions are meant to persuade the Iranian people to give up on their production of nuclear weapons. There is just no reason for them to possess such dangerous weapons.

Under the sanctions, the Iranian people have lost 50 percent of their oil production. They are now producing less than 2 million barrels per day. Many refineries have stopped buying their oil because of the threat of violence that Iran has demonstrated.

The sanctions are not easy to live under as many have been laid off because there is no work at the oil fields for them. The pain that they are feeling is only going to get worse as people reacted to coronavirus and Saudi Arabia produces more oil than ever before.

Iran will soon have no choice but to concede to the demands of the western nations. The lack of income has rendered many oil rigs useless as they have broken down. Many are no longer used. The owners of the rigs cannot afford the parts that expensive to fix the pumps. So once they are broken there is no way to get them back up and running.

What makes things worse for Iran is that the parts they need are made in other countries. Which they cannot buy because of the sanctions. Mohsen Mihandoust who is a director at Iran’s Society of Petroleum Engineers has stated that “We are still dependent on other countries. It is like learning to work with a TV remote control, but still having no clue how a television is made.” Any parts that are in the country are extremely expensive to buy as they are rare to find.

Iran has also tried to buy second-hand rigs but those have failed. Even the parts to fix them are manufactured in America. They are not going to be able to get things up and running any time soon. It is estimated that in five years all the oil rigs will be nearly shut down if they do not start dealing honestly with other nations and give up their nuclear program.

Every day more people are losing their jobs. At some point, the people of Iran are going to react to the selfish desires of their corrupt leaders and demand major changes. Obama may have given them a cover to hide under, but President Trump took it away.

They are not going to get away with deception and illegal behaviors while he is president. At some point, they are going to have to concede and deal honestly with the United States. At this point, there is no way that Iran could wage an effective war against the nations of the west.