Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci was disinvited to the Palm Beach County annual GOP fundraiser after he criticized the President’s recent tweets about four newly-elected congresswomen of color.

“He suggested the president’s comments were racist and that he was becoming a racist. Our board was infuriated,” said Michael A. Barnett, who is the Palm Beach county chairman. The county is home to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort and plans to hold the event known as ‘Lobsterfest’ on August 15th.

Barnett, who is African American, went on to say, “We believe the tweets were not racist, the president is not racist and that Scaramucci’s comments were unfair.” He made these comments Thursday morning after writing an email to Scaramucci letting him know he was no longer welcome at the fundraiser.

The hedge-fund millionaire from New York had first denounced the president’s remarks on Tuesday. He told BBC, “I don’t think the president is racist, but here’s the thing, if you continue to say and act in a manner, then we all have to look at him and say, ‘Ok, well, maybe you weren’t a racist, but now you’re turning into one.’”

Since then he has continued in that direction, adding remarks to Twitter as well as on cable news interviews that the president was racist and that he would lose much support over his comments.

He said that if the president didn’t change his tactics and tone his ‘racism’ down some, he would suffer “a glacier of support” for his 2020 re-election bid. And that “it’s such a turnoff to a large group of people that you are running a risk that 15% of the people that you want to get you through the electoral map and back into the presidency say: ‘You know what? I love the policies, but I don’t like the ‘send her back’ rhetoric. I don’t like the racist rhetoric of sending people back to the homes that they came from.”

However, he also stated to CNN on Thursday morning that Trump’s “racist” remarks might actually give him a second term in the White House. ‘The Mooch’ said, “They won last time. So it may be a winning campaign strategy, but it’s against the idealistic values of America.”

Now, wait a minute. He will lose “a glacier of support,” but he will also win the election? That doesn’t make much sense.

It sounds more like the ramblings of a hurt child, ousted from his position of prominence so soon and wanting to get back at the one who let him go.

The continued comments have apparently left Trump furious with his former spokesperson. However, this isn’t the first time he has caught the president’s wrath. After all, he only had his job at the White House for a total of 11 days before Trump fired him.

However, Scaramucci still insists he is a Trump supporter. He said that he would like to see Trump “conform that behavior.”

He also mentioned that he believes the president has insider “friends of his in the White House that are working for him that are telling reporters that these tweets are racist.”

Ok, but if that is the case, the mooch is only adding to the problem. Instead of fighting for the president and explaining the situation, he sides with those against him.

Scaramucci claims that Trump is “not a racist” but also says that his tweets are. He adds his name to the list of those who would no longer support the president if such tweets or comments are continued.

“It won’t be just me. There will be a very large coalition of people that have worked for him in the past – that are working for him now – that will say, ‘That is un-American.”

About his invitation from the GOP fundraiser being revoked, Scaramucci says, “I am sorry that I was canceled. Mike Barnett must like and condone racist comments. Someone with more courage and less political expediency would call it for what it is and ask it to stop.”