Senators are Getting 2700 Pages of Red Flags Delivered to Their Offices

The Democrats are in power. They’re the ones that are focused on fairness, justice, and climate change…or so they claim.

The infrastructure bill has been hand-delivered to the office of every Senator. Only, there are countless red flags throughout the process.

Let’s start with the obvious. Every Senator has the 2700-page bill printed for them to review. Multiply that by 100 senators and we have a significant amount of paper. Isn’t that a waste for the party that is trying to do everything possible to protect the climate?

How many trees did they waste just so that the Senate could review the infrastructure bill?

The draft of the bill is also so long that it would be humanly impossible for any of the senators to read it from start to finish before they have to vote on it. That’s a problem. The only person who truly knows every detail inside the bill is the person who hit print. Otherwise, there’s no telling what little gems may be hidden inside.

There were several GOP senators who backed advancing the bill before it was available in text. However, they’re likely regretting that now. The proposed bill is considerably more expansive than it was ever represented to be.

Sources familiar with the drafting of the bill have said that it was written in secret. It did not follow the normal legislative process, which is why the draft bill has been leaked to the media. Many believe that the secretive process is due to corruption that is found within the 2700-page document.

The infrastructure bill is not really about “infrastructure” at this point. Well, it’s certainly not following Webster’s dictionary definition. The Biden administration has changed how standard words are defined so that it fits their agenda more effectively.

Of course, there are some basic things that everyone can agree on – provisions that would revitalize roads, bridges, and highways throughout America. There will also be funding for zero-emission vehicles.

Certain states will get a bit of “extra” within the bill, too. This includes the Alaska Highway, route 421 in North Carolina, and more. These seem to be ways to entice the Republican Senators to sign the bill.

There are a few things that will require investigations. If the bill passes, there are requirements to conduct studies – such as how the enhanced unemployment benefits from the American Rescue Plan impacted Americans and how the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline affected job losses.

As for what else is hiding in the infrastructure bill, well, that’s anyone’s guess. It’s suspected that there are a lot of things inside that would only benefit illegal immigrants. This includes improving the welcome centers at the border and offering more housing for them.

It’s also suspected that there are more ways to improve “systemic racism” by focusing on certain communities.

The reality is that sending out 2700 pages to every senator is ridiculous. It can’t possibly be reviewed, yet there’s the need to vote. The Dems have backed us so far into a corner that we’ll have to vote on something that we haven’t been able to read. That’s when you know it’s bad. They know it’s bad, too, which is why it’s so long.

And if the GOP had done this to the Dems, it would have been inexcusable. Ahh, the double standards of Capitol Hill.