One CEO has a story to tell and you may need to take notes, grab some coffee and sit down for this one. Somewhere between a scandal, espionage, lascivious FBI orders and the truth is where this story begins.

One report covering the news of Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne’s resignation was quick to share that his resignation wasn’t the real the story. The real story here is why Byrne stepped down (and of his own accord as he tells it).

According to that report along with included video of two separate interviews, a sometimes distraught and tearful Byrne cited a few reasons why he is leaving after 20 years of leading Overstock to prominence.

One of those reasons, as Byrne’s shared, was his realization of how deep and how ugly corruption is in many branches of the government’s justice and intelligence departments. He shared names of people like former FBI agent Peter Strzok, who led the investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

He mentioned James Comey, former Director of the FBI, saying that Comey directed him to “rekindle a romantic relationship” with Maria Butina, a Russian spy.

Yes, that means that according to Byrnes, he was also an FBI operative and had been for quite some time, years in fact. This story is only getting started, however, as the former CEO shares much more about his interactions with the FBI and others.

Byrne also said as the story quoted that “there was political espionage conducted against Hillary Clinton, Rubio, Cruz, and Donald Trump,” as led by the aforementioned Peter Strzok.

How does he know? Because as his story unfolded he tells us that he was there. Not in the room next door, not around the corner or from an overheard conversation but in the room and part of those conversations.

In his defense, he told the Bulls & Bears panel that he thought that he was serving and contributing to the work of justice and law enforcement. Wait, he wasn’t finished yet…

Ready for some more name-dropping? Byrne went on during the interview to speak about what he said was “a billion-dollar bribe,” for his silence.

Byrne’s actually made it sound more like a threat to ‘keep his mouth shut.’ Then our star of the story continues to talk about a conversation with one Mr. Warren Buffet.

It was during these talks, as Byrne recalls, that Mr. Buffet advised him to go public.

Now, as Byrne shared in his interviews, he knows that powerful forces and people in Washington will come to grind him into “dust” as he put it.

That is the driving force and the biggest reason for his decision to leave and to separate himself from the company. He says that because of what he knows and his knowledge of those involved, he is in a dangerous position.

Yes, this does sound a bit like a conspiracy theory or worse yet a half-baked tale but are we sure? This is Washington D.C. after all. There are many more details, names, and events but they all seem almost as crazy as the last, yet that may mean something. News anchor Chris Cuomo, who interviewed Byrne on CNN, had another take on these extraordinary claims from the former leader and CEO of Overstock. Cuomo said, “He’s not some lunatic… his company was a $745 million company. I’m not saying you can’t be rich and cuckoo, I’m saying that he’s always sounded like that. When I interviewed him in 1998/’98. Look, either he’s got the names or he doesn’t.”

Sure, if someone starts a story by saying, “so a million-dollar CEO an FBI Director and sexy Russian spy walk into a room,” we know there is a punchline coming. Except in this case – it may not be a joke!

Sometimes when something sounds too fantastic to believe, to incredible to be true, it often is and maybe that’s what Cuomo was suggesting. At the end of the day, however, as Cuomo pointed out, he has names and evidence or he doesn’t.