Socialists Want To Work Less and Get Paid More As Their Greed Forever Increases

W. Scott McGill/
W. Scott McGill/

The Democratic Party cannot refrain from attacking the economy and the labor market. Joe Biden’s disastrous policies for America have killed off millions of jobs and forced millions of people out of the workforce. His socialist handout programs have made it possible for people to live at home and not. The lack of workers has led to shortages on the shelves and ships left in the harbor. And now supporters of the old man want to make the work week a 32-hour week.

The socialists want to eliminate a full day of work during the week, making things horrible worse off than they are already. But there is a massive problem with their idea because there are not enough workers to fill the jobs already struggling to stay open. Businesses will have to hire even more people to cover when people should have been scheduled to work.

The Democrats sitting in the House believe the time is right to implode the country. They feel that the moment is right to bring America into the lazy line of life and reduce the amount of work that people have to do. The time is unsuitable for such an idea because people need the extra hours to recover from a perpetual pandemic continually pushed by the liberals.

Mark Takano is the vice-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which hides deep within the Democratic Party. He is pushing to eliminate eight hours from the workweek. He stated that “As a longtime member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, I am proud that the caucus voted to formally endorse my 32-Hour Workweek Act in support of transitioning toward a modern-day business model that prioritizes productivity, fair pay, and an improved quality of life for workers across the country.”

There is improvement in the quality of life when the people will not work. His party god has seen to inflate the price to levels never seen before in the nation’s history, and here Takano wants to keep people from working entire shifts. He desires to secretly make it, so people need the handouts from the federal government to make it week to week.

The crazy man makes it sound so heavenly, but there are some real problems with what he is proposing when it is picked apart. He maintains that the pandemic has made it possible to reduce the amount of work completed in a week. He states that normal will never happen, so he wants to create a new reality in which people will starve even more and not afford to pay the bills they still have.

He thinks that people not working long hours will somehow have more money than they now. The truth is that they will have less and struggle to make ends meet. The standard workweek employs people for 40 hours of work. To offset the lack of work, each person would have to have a substantial raise to keep their pay the same. But no business can afford a considerable pay increase while searching for more workers to fill the liberal created vacant spots.

Socialist primed countries are flirting with the idea of a more manageable work week. Newsmax reportedly found that Business Insider said some countries have tried the program on a much smaller level and saw success. But short-term success is far from a long-term national plan.

The nasty progressive think that laziness is the key to solving all society’s ills. But lack of a strong work ethic and people not putting in time at jobs will lead to a failed socialist state. Biden’s higher prices and now Takano’s push for less work time are recipes for disaster.

People will only struggle under such a program and depend on the federal government for help. The nation will never be ready to flirt with disaster under the socialist style of government. The Constitution of the United States already provides the path and freedom needed to live a successful and healthy life. All that people need to do is put a little work behind their dreams.