The coronavirus has everyone on edge. Many cannot leave their homes except for essential business only. Some cannot have visitors because they are in a rehabilitation center. Stores have nothing of value left in them for people to buy.

And now it seems that that liberal states that locked everyone down are threatening jail time for quarantine violators. The thought of martial law has never really crossed people’s minds, but now it has.

The liberal states are mass controlling their people because they are freaking out about the virus. Democrats and liberals tend to overreact when things get bad. Every time there is a shooting they want to ban guns around the country.

One person sets a foot outside their door for any reason, and they can live in jail. This is the approach that David Ige, the governor of Hawaii, is taking with his people.

His threat is that “People who go outside for reasons other than health care, food, picking up education materials, taking care of others, or exercise between March 25 and April 30 can be charged with a misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.” Threaten the people of the United States is one thing, but to take away their freedoms will demand action.

He went on into a stated where he said “The threat of COVID-19 is unprecedented and requires aggressive action. I have been in discussions with our county mayors who are developing their own plans to meet the unique needs of their counties. We also agree that a statewide order is necessary for cohesion and consistency.” Ige is acting as a major dictator. The virus is a serious issue, but so is overreacting. All he is creating is mass panic.

He is not the only one making these insane orders. Alaska, Mississippi, Michigan, California, and New York are all considering the same type of insistence. Violators can get a criminal record for stepping out of their homes for non-essential purposes.

The liberals would love to put all the conservatives and Republicans in jail. Some states are fining people $5,000 to $10,000 for ignoring the quarantine order. Mississippi is the only state that is looking at five years in jail.

The recommendation for the non-essential people to stay at home is a smart move. But the question of what does essential activities mean? After all, people can claim they are getting food or engaging in any of the approved activities.

There is no way to determine what a person is doing. What this allows is for these states and authorities to fill up their jail cells with people they determine to be violators. After all, they did just let out all of their criminals.

People can face a misdemeanor charge and other penalties for violations. Most people understand the importance of keeping away from others during this time.

No one wants to be like a Lakewood, New Jersey man that was arrested and charged with “disorderly persons offense.” He hosted a wedding that had greater than 50 people in attendance. He is now looking to lose six months of his life for the willful ignorance of the law.

All he did was host a wedding in his own home. And he ended up in jail. The freedom to come and go and do what people want to do is serious. To suddenly take it away for any reason is criminal at best.

The importance of isolation is important and so is a voluntary quarantine. But to force people are a major violation of their freedoms. The liberal leaders do not care about freedom. All they care about is control. The state with liberal leaders is suffering the worst. Not from the coronavirus, but from the ignorance of their elected leaders.

The order from the president to self-quarantine was not ordered like some liberals are trying to push. It was a voluntary submission plea from the president. For the most part, people listened.

Those of the liberal crowd took it too far and imposed their criminal basis on the whole idea. The freedoms of America are guaranteed by the lives of those that have given their lives for this great country.