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One of the lesser-known Democrats running for president has already seen the writing on the wall. Steve Bullock has expressed his concern on more than one occasion regarding how the Democrats continue to bicker back and forth between one another. Voters are paying attention to these things – and if the bickering doesn’t stop, Trump is going to be the only reasonable name on the ballot during the general election.

Steve Bullock’s Concern

The Montana governor has good reason to become concerned. He has noticed that it will be impossible to defeat trumps politics if they continue to practice self-destruction on their own. At the national press club, he took to the stage and told everyone he wanted to take them out of the “Twitterverse” for a moment so that he could talk about what’s really going on.

He noticed how so many of the rivals for 2020 presidency were bickering and criticizing one another. He drove his point home further, telling everyone that “we are well on our way” to losing the election to Donald Trump.

Bullock knows firsthand what it’s like to deal with Republicans. As a Democratic governor of a state that Trump won in 2016 by over 20 percentage points, he knows that it takes more than just being a Democrat to appeal to Democratic voters. There are plenty of liberals, however, there are also plenty of middle-grounders who could be swayed to vote in either direction depending on the platform.

Bullock’s Approach to Politics

Bullock isn’t talking about the same nonsense that many of his running mates are. He’s taking himself out of the bickering and talking about the things that voters really care about – gun control, healthcare, and much more. While many Dems don’t want gun ownership to be a part of the equation, Bullock is realistic, knowing that more than half of adults in Montana are firearms owners.

Bullock has talked about universal background checks, outlying high-capacity magazines, as well as assault weapons. He has reversed his position since 2016, and much of this, according to him, is as a result of watching the US flag being lowered too many times in order to honor shooting victims.

Bullock is also talking about healthcare – and has pointed out that eliminating private insurance is political suicide. This means that he is specifically targeting Warren, Sanders, and some of the other candidates who feel that getting rid of private insurance and moving towards Medicare for all is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The Polls Aren’t in Bullock’s Favor

It sounds like there is at least one reasonable Democrat running for president, though the polls aren’t in his favor. According to most polls, he is barely sitting at 1%. There are a number of other presidential candidates doing far better in the polls then he is. When asked about it, he isn’t worried. He continues to target many of the early voting states and hopes that being a red-state governor will work in his favor.

Bullock feels that he has one thing going for him. Because he isn’t a liberalist like Warren and Sanders, he feels that he is able to carry some of the important states like Montana, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. He also feels that he can easily carry Vermont, Massachusetts, and California – and this is mainly because he is talking about keeping private insurance – something that many feel is extremely critical to their overall well-being.

He’s Not Reacting to Trump

One thing that the Montana governor has proved is that he is not retreating to the high school antics that many of the other 2020 presidential candidates are dealing with. Too many of them get upset about a single comment that Trump makes. They look to do exactly opposite of what the president is doing in order to garner more votes – and Bullock says that this is a mistake. He doesn’t want every action to be a reaction to what Trump is doing – and unfortunately, that’s what most of the candidates are doing.

Bullock also feels that extending health insurance to the undocumented immigrants coming across the border is a “surefire loser.” He’s right about that, too – and it’s something that the right-leaning Dems and the GOP alike can agree on.

Bullock needs to get a louder voice so that more of his presidential candidates can hear what he’s shouting. The bickering has to end. Though, if they do continue to bicker, it makes it that much easier for Trump to be re-elected for 2020.