The liberals and the deathly Democrats are just going crazy with all the pro-life action that is taking place. Their murderous teachings throughout the year all come crumbling to the ground when the March for Life Rally takes place. The media attacks the attenders and supporters with fake stories and liberals everywhere take to the streets spreading lies and confronting hostile ways people that love life.

Something that is even making the insane liberals and baby killers even more enraged is another state has introduced a bill that will further restrict abortions in the state of Tennessee. Governor Bill Lee is championing the “enhanced” heartbeat bill. This bill will stop all abortions from taking place once a heartbeat can be detected. This bill will stop the majority of abortions from taking place in his state.

The sad pro-choice people are quick to argue that men have no right to say what a woman can do with her body. But they have every right to protect the baby that is growing a body. After all, for every baby, there is a father. And that parent might just want to care for that baby.

The heartbeat of a baby can be detected as early as six weeks. This is a time when many pro-choice killers argue that the baby is not even a person. This is another way that they try to appease their warped conscience into believing that murdering babies is fine. Lee stated that the bill is “a monumental step forward in celebrating, cherishing and defending life.”

The debate over abortion has never been about a choice. But rather it is about the right to live. It is about what constitutes a person’s right to choose to live. Every baby ever killed will have chosen life. The bill will not have exceptions for rape or other atrocities as it is not the baby’s fault that those things happened. The mothers will also have to see an ultrasound before making their so-called choice. No ultrasound means no abortion. The bill is a major step forward for protecting life at all stages.

Governor Lee has also stated that doctors cannot perform the procedure if it is “motivated by sex, race or disability diagnosis of the child.” Which rules out personal preference. It keeps selfish and ignorant liberals from killing a baby boy because they wanted a girl instead. Having a baby is not stepping up to a baby machine and making one’s choice. It’s about life.

In the past, the nasty liberal court system has struck down similar bills. But many are sure this one will make it through to law. Once official in Tennessee stated that “I believe it will have what’s called the ladder provision in it, that if the heartbeat gets struck down, then there would be a ban at eight weeks and then 10 weeks and on up.” Which is why he believes the bill will be just fine.

President Trump has been redefining the court system because of how lopsided and liberal it had become. Every time a good bill was passed by the majority the minority would get their way in court. But those days are over. Bills like this have a purpose, and that is to protect life.

They also collectively have a purpose to show that the insane ruling years ago was wrong and needs to be corrected. One Republican in Tennessee stated that “You can’t overturn Roe v. Wade without challenging the constitutionality of it. We know that this is going to be challenged. We know it’s pushing the envelope. It has to.”

Baby killers are quick to cry that the law is unconstitutional. They cry out that it is “a power grab over our bodies.” But the bill is really about protecting the body that the killers are looking to destroy. The person having the baby has no right to harm the little body being born. Their argument can and should be used against them. Liberals also attack Lee by stating that he is purposefully putting forward divisive bills that are designed to drive a wedge between people. When in truth he is uniting people behind the value of life.