Texas Democrats Are Facing Arrest Warrants After Fleeing the State

The idiotic Democrats from Texas think that they are patriots because they have illegally obstructed the legislative process. 58 law-defying liberals thinking that they own the world boarded a private jet and fled to Washington. They thought that they would become martyrs for their cause, and people were going to praise them for their bravery. But what they are finding out is that they are criminals by order of the court.

Governor Greg Abbott had once threatened to have them arrested upon their return to the state. He also vetoed the spending bill that would have provided paychecks for all the fleeing Democrats. The liberals did not like what he did, so they took him to court in an attempt to force Abbott to sign the bill so they could get paid.

The Texas Supreme Court noted that the Democrats had broken the law and abandoned serving the people. They have turned their backs on their voter base and expected to be paid for their treachery. But the court told them that they would not receive one cent unless they return to the state. But that request is out of the jurisdiction of the court.

These Democrats want all the comforts of home while enjoying the time away from the office. The nastiness of their actions was found after the plane landed, and two of the blood-sucking Democrats went on to Portugal for a vacation. The reason they went to Portugal was that their tickets were non-refundable.

Their lame excuse for deceiving the voters was so they could charge their airfare to taxpayer money. They used the notion of fleeing the city because they wanted to stiff the governor gave, they a reason to vacation at the cost of betraying trust.

The sick Democrats fled to their federal liberal buddies in an attempt to find support. The so-called elite Democrats were some of the less favorite ones, such as Kamala Harris. The Democrats live in their little world and think that their behavior is acceptable. But they are acting like spoiled brats that do not get what they want from the candy store.

The Texas Supreme Court had more to say about their actions. The court stated that Abbott was within his right to arrest them upon their return and force them to the capitol for a vote on the legislation being held up by the illegal tactic.

Greg Abbott had a lot to say about the ruling by the court. He stated, “The Texas Supreme Court denied Democrats’ request to overturn my veto of the Legislature’s funding because the Democrats walked out on doing their job. Contrary to Democrats & pundits, my veto was legal. Now it’s time for Democrats to return to work.”

The Democrats wanted to force the governor to give them what they needed to stay away, which is money. But that is not what they would receive. Morgan O’Hanlon would report that “Motion passes 80-12 for sergeant at arms to retrieve absent House members and bring them to house floor under warrant of arrest if necessary. The house stood at ease when they came in, so there was no roll call. Unclear how many members are here – could be more than 92.”

The House sergeant in arms officially released warrants for the arrest of the ones that have not returned. They are now fugitives wanted for crimes against the people of Texas.

O’Hanlon also pointed out that “House sergeant at arms just delivered a warrant for Ina Minjarez at her Capitol office. They’re walking around to the offices of all 52 House Dems with warrants delivering them now.”

It did not take long for the governor to act once the court ruling was handed down. The fleeing of the Democrats has backfired in their face. It will serve as a warning to future attempts of people to subvert the legislative process that it will not be tolerated.

Governor Greg Abbott is trying to lead the way and stop the liberals from ever cheating at voting again. And he will succeed even if he has to arrest every liberal in the process.