The Media Develops Amnesia Over Who Set the Fire at Church Outside WH

The manipulative media is a force that spreads fake news without the thought of the harm that it will cause the person they are lying about. During Donald Trump’s presidency, they tried so hard to spread lies about him and fake news that he was not doing. They intended to smear to smear his name to ruin his character.

Their end game was to kill his popularity so the next Democratic candidate would not have to cheat to win an election. With every fake news story, they posted his popularity got stronger. They just could not seem to shut him down.

And now that he is out of office, the liberal media just cannot seem to leave him alone. They are, in fact, changing their previous fake reports into shallower lies by deliberately leaving out details of what was known as the truth.

The known method of attack they use is manipulating the facts to make a point in their favor. They twist the truth just enough to make things appear to be what they want them to be. They love to use the passive voice when trying to trick people into believing their lies.

Ken Duffy is one of those liars that twists the truth to make a story. In a recent post he made regarding the anniversary of a fire that was set at St. John’s Church in Washington D.C., he stated that “It’s been a year since the fire at St. John’s Church during George Floyd protests in D.C. Church rector Rev. Rob Fisher tells @WTOP ‘there’s still a lot left to repair’ in ‘the hundreds of thousands of dollars.’ Despite that, Fisher tells me ‘work for racial justice’ continues.”

He very subtly left out the part of how the fire started. He made no mention of the person that started the blaze at the church. Religious institutions have never just spontaneously combusted over a judgment from God. The fires are set by Democrats that hate religion and law and order.

It would have been good for the reporter to tell how the fire started and what happened to the ignorant terrorist who started the blaze. He would mention the cost to repair and all the damaged things but never would blame it.

He just smoothed over it and said that “radical justice” work would continue to be pursued. Radical work on Democratic lies is more in tune with what he is trying to convey as the truth.

At the time of the fire, the president was making a speech. His security force had to take him to safety while the police dealt with the terrorists. Not only was the church burned, but also there were some other buildings and another reporter that was run down into the ground. These people attacked property and persons, and the media did not want to remember that their people were responsible for the crimes.

At the time, one report noted that “Hundreds of people converged on the White House on Saturday for a second straight day to protest the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and President Donald Trump’s response. Friday’s protests prompted a lockdown in the White House and a response from the Secret Service, who clashed with demonstrators.”

The media failed to report on the anniversary that the police had to use force to get the liberal rioters to move out of the area. They failed to mention that the people that stayed made fun of the president for taking cover. They acted like they wanted him to stick around so they could kill him.

The media also failed to mention that the vice president, Kamala Harris,  was involved in the criminal actions of the people. The media wants people to forget that they are responsible for the damages and that Kamala Harris was a chief instigator of the violence.

The main groups involved include the liberal Black Lives Matter thugs and Antifa. Both cowardly groups hate law and order, and they will attack any person that attempts to stand in their way. The media just will not tell the truth.