Crime’s happening everywhere. All across the country, innocent cops are being gunned down all because there are BLM protesters making the calls. It’s not right and something has to be done about it all.

Enter both Trump and Biden. Each has their own way of dealing with the crime.

Trump is quick to condemn the crime. He wants to focus on punishing those who are committing the crimes to ensure that no more innocent people die.

Cops were ambushed in LA. A gunman opened fire on a squad car.

What does Biden do about this? He immediately makes it political, focusing on how there is the need to eliminate weapons of war from communities.

Gun control is a major issue on Biden’s platform. He says that assault weapons and high-capacity magazines need to be banned.

He doesn’t want to condemn the violence. He just wants to make this about gun control. The problem is that even if those guns were banned, people would find a way to obtain them. Criminals don’t care if there’s a ban on guns or not. If they’re illegal, it doesn’t matter considering that ambushing cops and murdering innocent people is also illegal.

Biden wants the suspect to be brought to justice – and that anyone committing an act of violence should be “caught and punished.” The problem is that he doesn’t say how they should be punished. In so many of the Dem-led cities where rioting is happening, those that are caught are not punished. That’s because the DAs release those who have committed an act of violence the very next day.

The Dems simply cannot be trusted to do what they say anymore. Trump has been identifying that Biden is weak on crime – and it shows. Caught and punished is not enough. At this point, those committing acts of violence need to understand that there is a zero-tolerance on it. Only then will they learn that there are repercussions for their actions.

Trump is calling for a fast trial of the gunman as well as a possible death penalty.

The gunman needs a fast trial so that he’s actually held accountable. While Trump is stating the possibility of a death penalty, only a judge will make that determination. The reality is that Trump wants to hold those accountable in a more effective way.

The gunman in LA approached deputies, opening fire without any kind of warning or provocation. He meant to kill. As such, shouldn’t an attempt to kill mercilessly be met with a trial and a penalty that is equally as harsh?

Trump says that a fast trial death penalty is the only way to stop this if the deputies die – and he’s right. Since too many Dems have failed to step in and allow the criminals to be met with any kind of real penalty, they need to learn that they cannot continue to be violent. Simply banning guns is not enough – especially when there are so many other weapons that can be used.

Trump spoke at a roundtable campaign in Las Vegas following the ambush in LA, citing “He’s not strong for law and order and everybody knows that.” Biden doesn’t want to talk about the details – and that’s because he’s hoping that the problem will go away on its own. The reality is that there were two police officers shot in a stone-cold manner in a short range. They’re listed as being in critical condition.

This is when it’s time to talk about the real details of law and order in the US – and banning assault rifles isn’t what’s going to get the job done. Real people are dying, and Biden doesn’t want to do anything that holds people accountable. ‘Caught and punished’ doesn’t even begin to cover the reality of what needs to happen.

Trump knows that law and order mean tougher criminal sentencing guidelines. It’s the only way that citizens will learn that they cannot get away with ambushing officers with the intent to kill in cold blood.