Free trade is every person’s dream but what it means is one country takes advantage of the smaller countries. Or at least the crooked countries take advantage of the others.

When NAFTA was done away with the United States and the other nations started to renegotiate for a better trade agreement. But Canada and Mexico are not playing fair so President Trump has had to place tariffs on them to get their attention.

Under the new USMCA, there will be no tariffs on over 11,000 different imported goods from the United States neighbors. The new agreement will also offer low trade taxes which many consider being a plus since one-quarter of the United States imports comes from these two countries alone.

Low taxes mean better manufacturing costs and farming costs. These two industries can expand their markets because there is more money in their pockets. But all of this will not happen if Congress fails to pass the USMCA trade agreement.

Reducing U.S. import taxes gives manufacturers and farmers access to the raw materials they need, ensures consumers have year-round access to products ranging from avocados to Christmas trees, and allows Americans to specialize in the jobs we are best at. USMCA also provides for zero tariffs on most U.S. exports to Canada and Mexico, further helping Americans across the country.

But none of this will matter if the stupid Democrats in Congress cannot get the heads out of back pockets and start working as a Congress should. The Republicans in Congress are frustrated because they cannot get anything done because a bunch of children is in charge.

They have done nothing of importance because the Democrats keep crying about being called names by people around the nation.

The freakish Democrats are skeptical of the new USMCA agreement not because of the zero tax benefit but because of the provisions that are related to intellectual property and enforcement of those things.

Why the Democrats are not concerned about zero taxes with the USMCA, and they are with the president defies all sensibility. There is no sense of balance with the Democrats. They say one thing and believe in something completely different.

All the critics do not have anything to worry about since NAFTA was the basis of the creation of the USMCA. People from both sides of the aisle have been working on this agreement for years and now it falls into the hands of the worthless Democratic Congress to pass and send it up to the Senate.

The Democratic Congress has away destroying good things. When they all do get back from break is when they will have to take a vote on the trade agreement. But many of the sad socialists are bound to try to vote it down since they never vote with the Democrats anyway.

All parties involved in the creation of the USMCA stand to benefit from it greatly as it is now fairer than NAFTA ever was. Lower-income businesses will now feel the effects of this trade agreement when they start seeing more money flowing their way.

Sanders has stated that free trade leads to manufacturing deaths as plants everywhere will begin to close. That is such an absurd statement as low tax always leads to the creation of jobs and the opening of new plants. There is more competition which keeps the prices low which in turn encourages people to buy more.

The United States, Mexico, and Canada will benefit greatly from this agreement. It will only encourage more growth and will pave the way for record-setting growth. But only if Congress gets their act together and moves quickly on the trade agreement. The design of this agreement is to cut out the red tape and to keep trade flowing smoothly.

The USMCA trade agreement has been worked on by both Democrats and The responsible Republicans.

It has taken a lot of effort to get the agreement to this point. Congress needs to act on this bill quickly before it is too late and the trade agreement falls apart.