President Trump has decided to spread out the people that work in the Bureau of Land Management. This decision is one that just makes sense.

The office of Land Management is currently in Washington D.C. far from the land that they manage and the people that they are affecting with their decisions.

What this means is that 80 percent or more of the people that work in this office will have to move to stay employed with the department. This move may not be popular with the employees but it makes it easier for the people of the United States to have access to those they need to speak with.

President Trump is all about simplifying the government and making life easy and prosperous for the citizens of America. No one likes change but it is coming.

One employee stated that ” This announcement is deeply unsettling, and has created a lot of uncertainty for us. The best part of my job is my co-workers, and they are working to tear us apart for purely political reasons. I’m sick to my stomach.”

Employees need to understand that serving in a governmental job means serving the people of the country not just looking out for themselves.

Republicans love the idea that the President has proposed. Farmers and Ranchers of the west will have better access to officials that set the regulations for them to follow. The government officials that may have never seen the area of the country they watch over will be able to see the effects of their decisions up close and personal.

The reorganization of the office makes sense and greatly increases its effectiveness. Right now 99 percent or more of the people that make the policies live east of the Mississippi River.

They are far removed from an area of the country that is vastly different from the east side of the country.

The move has been defended by one supporter as he stated: “This implementation plan will delegate more responsibility and authority down to the field, optimize services available to the American people, is demonstrably cost-effective, and will provide an increased presence closer to the resources the BLM staff manages.”

This move will help speed up decisions and even keep costs down as now the workers on-site and not having to travel to or guess about what the issue is they may be working on.

It is thought that this move will save over $50 million within 20 years. This move is just another way that the President is making things better for the people of the United States.

Those that are employed have mixed feelings about having to move to a new location but that is to be expected. Most people do not like being told to move, or they could lose their job.

Families are not going to be split up or broken up. They will just have to make a simple move and start a new life in another part of the country.

Those that are affected by the move will find the cost of living is a lot slower and the people will find that they can afford to live better than they were before. Many people love the idea and are asking when they can leave to make the move.

This decision by Trump is being heralded as a major plus by many people. People love challenges, and they love the excitement of new beginnings. A cross-country move is an exciting adventure that can and often does lead to better things for families.

Some loony Democrats are hating the idea because they did not think of it. The loony left likes having everyone around, so they can micromanage them.

President Trump knows that this puts the government into the hands of the people where it belongs. Americans do not need a big government. They want the government to stop interfering in their lives and taking so much of their money.

One way or another President Trump is going to see that America is great once again. He is taking great strides to improve the country. He truly is one of the greatest presidents this country has ever seen.