Tuesday, President Trump officially kicked off his 2020 re-election campaign at a rally in Orlando, Florida. He delivered a passionate speech reaffirming his claim to the White House and the promise to “Keep America Great,” his new slogan for the campaign, which he asked the packed stadium if they liked.

“We are going to keep on working,” President Trump promised. “We are going to keep on fighting. And we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning.”

His kickoff raised the most significant amount of funds raised in 24 hours in the history of presidential campaigns at $24.8 million. This gives him an incredible fundraising lead over all of his opponents.

The amount of his one-day fundraising haul was announced Wednesday by Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and was later confirmed by campaign officials. It also suggests that this will be the best fundraising quarter the campaign has seen since Trump became president.

Included in the funds received are $14 million that will go to Trump’s re-election committee and another $10 million to be sent to Trump Victory, a committee ran jointly between his campaign and the RNC to receive such large donations.

In addition, the president is scheduled to hold a fundraising luncheon on Wednesday, which is expected to bring another $5 million at least.

The closest anyone else has gotten to these high figures was Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016. Within the first 24 hours after the New Hampshire polls closed, $6.5 million was given to the Sanders campaign, giving him the ability to run competitively with opponent Hillary Clinton.

This year Sanders raised $5.9 million within one day of his 2020 campaign kickoff.

Former vice president Joe Biden pulled in $6.3 million on its first day of the 2020 campaign in April. So far, this is the most substantial amount raised by any Democratic candidate in the running for the White House.

Trump, unlike most presidents, began pulling funds together for his re-election campaign as soon as he became president. In fact, he submitted the required paperwork to run for re-election on his inauguration day, January 20, 2017.

This has put him far ahead of any other White House hopeful for the 2020 presidential race and also gives him the ability to make sure his campaign has a solid foundation and enough to put out hundreds on online advertisements.

And this isn’t the only successful quarter of fundraising for the president. Just last quarter he raised $39 million, the largest quarterly total reported by the Trump campaign.

The Federal Election Commission will make fundraising numbers for each candidate of this quarter public on July 15th, with the current fundraising quarter officially ending on June 30th.

Much of Tuesday’s incoming funds came from small-dollar donations initiated via email and text messages, as the Trump campaign sent outs thousands of these on Tuesday as part of his official 2020 re-election kickoff.

One such email read, “They underestimated me, but more importantly, they underestimated YOU. Your support has been the fuel to our success.” And it continued with Trump calling for continued support. “Tonight I’m officially launching my Second Term Presidential Run and I want YOU to be on my side.”