The President remains strong on his policy of being more careful, prudent, and smart on immigration as he put a Barr on the door to more free passes into the U.S. Many have cried foul over the Trump’s desire to build a wall.

Many have cried unfair as thousands of immigrants have been waiting at the border. Fortunately, for all those people criticizing the President, they don’t have to deal with the issues that inherently come with immigration.

Trump isn’t being callous or cold, he’s being careful. He isn’t being just plain mean, he’s being prudent. This isn’t an issue about denying people the chance at a better life in the greatest country in the world. This is about being smart and making sure we remain the greatest nation on earth.

He has voiced his concern about the impact of illegal immigration on the American way of life. That includes everything from healthcare and employment to the very safety of our citizens.

Although nobody has or can say that these concerns aren’t real or valid, that hasn’t kept the many on the left from whining and complaining. No answers, just skeptics, critics and agenda pushers.

One litmus test for any good President or any leader for that matter is how they respond and react under pressure. The pressure from human rights organizations, Democrats and many others to make immigration easier has been relentless.

The President has responded, every time, by not budging an inch and holding his ground. In fact, he has responded at times, by upping the ante.

This latest move, by Attorney General William Barr, is evidence of the President’s convictions about safer and better immigration.

Many immigrants don’t want to go through the proper channels and many more are looking for ways to circumvent the immigration process. Using asylum privileges is one of the ways immigrants are trying to do just that.

One story citing an NBC News report said that “the Trump administration is using a unique power of the attorney general’s office to block migrants and reshape immigration law… .”

That story reported that on Monday AG Barr enacted a process known as “certification.” What this does essentially is it closes the door for many asylum seekers, primarily those who are afraid of being persecuted as a result of family ties.

Meanwhile, those opposed to stiffer immigration practices or even the wall, in general, are fuming because there is nothing they can do.

This is due, as our story shared, to the fact that William Barr has the legal right to use the power of his office as immigration courts are considered part of the executive branch. That branch, run by the Justice Department basically makes Barr the ruling judge of the immigration court.

The backlash from this latest action was to be expected.  The former chief of Citizenship and Immigration Services, Stephen Legomsky, unsurprisingly said: “It’s a very dangerous practice, it should be judges and not politicians, and certainly not prosecutors, who should be deciding individual cases.”

Is it more dangerous than allowing bloodthirsty criminals to go unchecked as they enter our homeland? Is it more dangerous than risking a healthcare system that Americans rely on? And remember, most of those voices (like Mr. Legomsky’s) aren’t the same voices that must answer to the people of the United States.

The President has spoken with and met with the friends and families, the moms and dads, the brothers and sisters of those who have been hurt by illegal immigrants. Who have suffered as a result of their country failing to protect them. Yes, President Trump has strong convictions about this issue.

Don’t read this as a slam or bias against immigration or the thousands of bright, hardworking and wonderful people who come to America legally. Those immigrants who make us a better and stronger nation we welcome, invite and want.

We are a nation of immigrants, the great melting pot. It is simply a matter of doing what is best for everyone, that includes immigrants.

It is our people, our values and our love of this country that make us a great nation.

How important is it that we know who we are inviting in? “We the people…” is there anything more important?