Tulsi Gabbard Explains the Real Problem with Choosing SCOTUS Pick Based on Skin Color

Michael F. Hiatt

Imagine waiting your entire life for the opportunity to be nominated to the Supreme Court. Plenty of lawyers and judges have dreamed of such things. Since only nine people can sit on SCOTUS at a time, and appointments are for life, it’s not an opportunity that comes up very often.

President Biden already said that if he had the chance to nominate anyone, they would be Black and female. Well, that immediately sends plenty of qualified people out of the running – and here we thought that the federal government was an equal opportunity employer.

The Equal Employment Opportunity laws make it ILLEGAL for an employer to discriminate on the bases of race or sex – and yet Biden is managing to do both.

It’s disgusting, and we should make sure that Biden is aware of just how upset we are.

Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat who has decided to speak out against the Democratic government on more than one occasion, does us all a favor. She talks about the real problem that surrounds Biden choosing a SCOTUS nominee based on skin color.

The former U.S. Representative tweeted that Biden is making a huge mistake. “Biden chose Harris as his VP because of the color of her skin and sex – not qualification. She’s been a disaster. Now he promises to choose Supreme Court nominee on the same criteria. Identity politics is destroying our country.”

Wow, she nailed this comment. The accuracy is flawless because let’s face it, you can’t rely solely on skin color and sex to determine if someone is qualified.

We’ve seen how Kamala Harris has handled being the VP. She had a failed presidential attempt, which should have told the Democrats everything that they needed to know about the woman. After all, if people wanted her to be in the White House, they would have voted for her to be president. Handing her the VP spot simply because she was Black and female was a dumb thing to do.

Democrats have lost their minds over what Gabbard “dared” to say about their commander in chief. Many thought that she was jealous because Harris managed to further her career when Gabbard couldn’t.

How could Gabbard manage to be the VP, though? She wasn’t Black…and Biden already had his mind made up of who he wanted as a vice president.

More and more Americans feel the same way that Gabbard does. It’s not okay to choose a SCOTUS nominee based on skin color and sex. It goes against everything that America was, is, and hopes to be.

Choosing someone for SCOTUS or for any position shouldn’t be about skin color. There are plenty of Dems that want to turn this into a further issue of race, saying that it’s “white identity politics.”

No one would be upset if Biden ended up choosing a Black female as long as she was the most qualified out of ALL of the candidates. People are upset because Biden predetermined who his list of candidates would be – and they’re all Black females. It immediately eliminates a significant percentage of qualified candidates.

And if the Dems really want to make it about race, let’s talk.

What about an Asian candidate? A Native American candidate? A Latin candidate? We already have a Black man on the Supreme Court, and we already have three white females.

We don’t necessarily need another female. What we do need is a bit of diversity – and a Black female wouldn’t actually be the best candidate if we want to be representative of the nation’s diversity.

Of course, the Dems don’t want to talk about that.

The fact of the matter is that Gabbard was right about what she said. It should stop Biden in his tracks so that he chooses a candidate based on more than skin color and gender. The entire nation deserves better than that.