Two Leaders in Canada Ready to End the COVID-19 Restrictions Because of the ‘Freedom Convoy’


The “Freedom Convoy” keeps trucking along, and they are making some pretty good headway! Now, two leaders of Canadian provinces have declared that they are going to stop their COVID-19 restrictions due to the nationwide protests. 

Jason Kenney, the Premier of Alberta, wrote this in a tweet, “I get the frustration out there, but the end of COVID-restrictions is near. Please stay tuned in the coming days for more information.” The premier also posted a video in the tweet that declared support for the protestors who were demonstrating peacefully throughout the nation. They stood strong against the nation’s rigid regulations surrounding their COVID-19 policies. 

In the video, Kenney talked about the protests and the number of people who were involved. He said that the vast majority of them were “well-intentioned, law-abiding Canadians.” He said that the people were “sick and tired” with how the restrictions due to the pandemic turned their lives upside down. He spoke about frustration among the masses due to the government’s public health measures. 

The Premier of Alberta also focused on the two protests with truckers that are still going on in the “Freedom Convoy.” They are right now occupying the nation’s capital in Ottawa. They also have a border blockade happening in the village of Coutts, which is Kenney’s home province of Alberta.  

Kenny said that many people are frustrated specifically with the quarantine requirement for truckers who have to cross the border. He went so far as to thank the truckers who have been protesting peacefully. He thanked them for displaying their democratic rights, and he thanked them for sharing their passion as well as their frustration. Then Kenney said, “I hear you.”

Kenny also talked to those who were protesting in Coutts. He wanted the people of Alberta who have supported the protests to know that he is very sympathetic with them.

He tried to explain that the government was criticized for using restrictions as a last resort to keep from having serious medical issues. He said that no one has found any completely good choices in this situation. And He pleaded with those still protesting to show their frustration in ways that are lawful and peaceful. He does not want the protestors to make a made situation even worse. 

Kenny promised to work to end the quarantine requirement for unvaccinated truckers who cross the border. He will do this both in Canada and in the U.S.

Kenny is not alone. Scott Moe, the Premier of Saskatchewan, announced that he was going to end restrictions in his province as well. He said that there have been many conversations about Saskatchewan trying to end the remaining restrictions due to the pandemic. He said that he believes the time is now. 

Moe also denounced the statements from the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. Trudeau said that the “Freedom Convoy” was just a “fringe minority” in Canada. Moe expressed his support of the convoy. 

He is taking these steps not because COVID-19 is over, but because people better understand the virus and the risks. He said people know what they need to do and are prepared to live with the risk more than they are prepared to live with the restrictions. 

Remember when this first started, so very long ago? Government measures were supposed to last, I think, two weeks. Well it’s been two years. But as we moved through all of those challenges, we learned more about this virus, and we learned more about how we can protect ourselves,” Moe stated.

He wants to end a “perpetual state of crisis” in Canada.

Wow…it seems that cooler heads are prevailing just north of us.