Ilhan Omar is a Somali refugee that found safety within the borders of the United States. She has chosen to represent her state in the House of Representatives to serve the people but the nation has seen she has chosen rather serve herself and those that would kill Americans such as ISIS and other terrorist networks around the world.

Recently, two men were arrested because they wanted to join up with the ISIS organization to kill Americans.

Both of these two men are also Somali refugees, like Omar, and they hate America. The very country they fled to and were allowed in as refugees want to kill the very ones that are now protecting them.

These two men were set to fly from Arizona to Egypt with the intent of joining ISIS. They want to kill Americans wherever they can be found. Both men fled for their lives from the oppression found in Somalia. Or at least that is what they are claiming.

These two men lied about their status and their intentions when they entered the United States. Their intent was to hurt innocent Americans after spying on the very country that was now taking care of them.

Their true intent was to make their way to ISIS and serve the evil that they represent. Ilhan Omar is just like these two men. She has come into the country with the intent of attacking innocent people all in the silent name of ISIS and terror. Except she has been tasked with attacking those in the leadership positions.

Ahmed Mahad Mohamed and Abdi Yemani Hussein were both arrested after they tried to board a flight out of the country. For some time both of these two traitors were being watched by the FBI.

The FBI agent was undercover as a supporter of ISIS and was looking for recruits. Using social media the agent made contact with the traitors and got them recruited for the ISIS organization. Or so the two men thought. Turns out that ISIS recruits are not as smart as they think they are. They were caught long before they ever got started.

ISIS is just another pathetic organization that believes itself to be powerful because they terrorize the world. They are cowards that have to wear masks because they are afraid of being caught.

They know that they could never win a war against an established country, so they recruit other idiotic people to do their dirty work for them. These two men were actually convinced to come and die for a pointless cause. But beyond their stupidity, these men are nearly pure evil.

Their intent according to records was to join up with ISIS and then attack America in someplace. In one letter to the FBI agent, Mohamed told him that he wanted to achieve martyrdom. He wanted to die for a pointless cause by killing others.

Another document stated that he had said that “I Love jihad so much.” He also is quoted as saying “If I go to Syria I want to be the beheading person,  … I want to kill them so many I am thirsty for their blood.”

Both men purchased roundtrip tickets and started their journey only to be arrested by true heroes serving for a real cause. Law enforcement arrested them and charged them with conspiring to provide material support to ISIS.

These two men are the perfect example of the stupidity of the ISIS followers. They are willing to die for a pointless cause. There is no salvation awaiting them after their dastardly deed. And their name will long be forgotten as time marches on.

But Ilhan Omar is fighting for ISIS in a different way. She is fighting for every terrorist organization out there that hates Israel and America. She is working overtime to push policies and laws that are actually designed to hurt Americans.

Her true intent is to bring down this great country. She can’t blow it up, so she is bent on destroying it from the inside out. It is time to put terrorist lovers in prison, so they can never hurt this great nation ever again.