All around the country the liberals are choking on their disbelief that their very own plan to destroy the president is going up in smoke again. At first, the Democrats tried to impeach the greatest president in the history of the country, and that failed.

And now they were hoping that the virus would hang out long enough to damage his public image enough to make him lose in November. But now, it seems, that hope is fading away as the state of Vermont is reporting no new cases of the virus has been found.

The news of zero new cases is music to the public’s ear. But it is devastating to the Democrats ear. The American people are looking to get back to work and life real soon. Everyone has patiently been waiting for the viral count to diminish enough to warrant a return to normal life.

Vermont reported that they had no new cases in a 24-hour period of the coronavirus. For over seven weeks they have seen an increase, but now it is going back the other way.

This is devastating to the Democrats that want to keep people locked up in their homes until the country is destroyed economically. They would love to see people out of work and begging for food because they could blame it all on the president.

They want to see people suffering so they can win power in the upcoming election. But reports like what is coming out of some areas are destroying their only hope of power.

The state health agency was also reporting no new deaths were recorded. Phil Scott, who is the governor stated that it was good news to hear that report. But he is also cautioning that “one day doesn’t create a trend, and we have to look at the trend lines to see where we’re going.”

He is right to be cautious. Republicans do not jump to conclusions like the Democrats. They wait to see what the trend will be like before making any decisions that would open up the way for new infections.

The Democrats have mocked President Trump for wanting to reopen, but they have come to realize that he will not make that move until the right time. They are just in agony over the way that the president is having great success at the battle with the virus.

They were hoping for a defeat. With Vermont reporting a major decline to the point of no new infections, victory is just going to the president’s side of things.

One report stated that in the state there were “862 cases and 47 deaths with 15,429 people tested for COVID-19.” Those numbers are stopped going up. This means that the virus is slowly leaving the world’s stage. It is just a matter of time before the president can claim victory over the smallest of enemies.

The Democrats are showing their ugly faces as they question the move to reopen the state of Vermont. In every state that is slowly reopening, nasty Democrats are sticking their big noses and stirring up descent.

Instead of being grateful for the decline, they are crying because things are returning to normal. Governor Scott is already thinking about the best way to start opening the state. He wants to see more testing before a decision can be made. He wants to see a pattern of decline.

The Democrats do not want the state to reopen. They cry the same old argument that the rate of infection is just going to spike. But so far in other states that have not been the case. Time is making the Democrats eat their own words as the numbers continue to fall.

Scott stated that “What we need to do is manage that level. And that’s why we’re doing this tracing, and testing and becoming so heavily involved in taking a more proactive approach because we want to make sure that we control that.”

The Republicans and the president have the right plan for reopening the country. It puts the control back into the hands of the people where it needs to be.