The Hollywood Walk of Fame is supposed to be a prime location for tourists to learn more about the stars that have made this town what it is today. A crowd gathered at this spot recently and decided to partake in some of the most disgusting behavior that we have ever seen. The liberals are at it again and this time they truly ought to be ashamed of themselves.

An effigy of the current president was hung from a street light and people took turns bashing it. This is perfectly normal, sane adult behavior, of course. These are very happy and well-adjusted folks. The crowd who had gathered on the scene was cheering and laughing the whole time. Near as we could tell, no one seemed all that concerned about the idiocy of what they were doing.

“It’s funny how they think they’re built to survive in the world they’re trying to build,” said one tweeter. We could not have summed it up any better ourselves. This is not the only insane scene that we have been watching lately. Philadelphia residents also took to the streets and beat the crap out of a pillow that had Trump’s face on it.

The tweets about this incident were just as funny. “If you think that this is normal, you’re certifiably insane. Watch as liberals gather, attack a Donald Trump pillow [Yes, I’m serious],” said one amused conservative. Even the columnists got in on the act. “About a 1K people milled about #PhiladelphiaCityHall this afternoon, centered around a cone-shaped pillow-like item bearing Trump’s face,” said Washington Times columnist Daniel Pipes.

Even the writers can’t stop laughing at how the liberals are behaving after this election. If they cannot contain their amusement, what hope do the rest of us have? Pipes was not done there, either. “People ritualistically kicked, slammed, and punched it to much applause,” he continued. “It’s disturbing because symbolic violence leads to actual violence.”

The man makes a good point that no one is willing to engage with. Biden might be claiming that the nation is in the process of healing and uniting but these videos do not show a united nation. They show a nation that is filled with exposed wounds that are not going to be closed any time soon. If anything, the election has ripped them open even further and added a great deal of salt.

Biden is inflaming the conflicts by claiming victory already. He does not want to wait for the official results. There’s even speculation among the leftists about who Sleepy Joe is going to be picking for his cabinet. This is the textbook definition of counting your chickens before they have had a chance to hatch. They’re too busy celebrating to consider the consequences of their actions.

What happens when all of the ballot fraud catches up to them? Lawsuits are being filed and the pressure is being applied. The Democrats probably shouldn’t be making their White House plans yet but they are the type to ignore the facts. Liberal lunacy has now become the norm, whether we like it not. They have successfully “normalized” hatred for the president and public demonstrations of that hatred are still taking place on an almost daily basis.

As for anyone with real complaints about how the Democrats operate? They are branded as a racist and put on whatever watch list AOC thinks is necessary. One party believes that they are the ones who need to be taken seriously, while the other party’s legitimate concerns are ignored. Does this sound like a healthy democracy?

Of course, it doesn’t. When any Democrat candidate is criticized in such a way, the liberals and their mainstream media outlets are the first to cry foul. When Trump is treated the same way, it’s all fun and games to them. We have noticed this discrepancy and we know that we are not the only ones.