Welfare Fraud is Alive and Well in Biden’s America

By chrisdorney/shutterstock.com
By chrisdorney/shutterstock.com

Biden has made it possible for more people to sit on their backsides and collect Welfare. And if someone does start to work again, they don’t want to give up the Welfare. After all, that extra money just makes it easier to afford the various “other” things that the liberals haven’t begun offering – like fancy cars, vacations, and, too often, drugs.

This leads to Welfare fraud. It’s what the liberals fail to factor in when they come up with their big plans to help “adjust” the pay gaps between classes. They don’t realize that some people will scam the system so that they can get their cake and eat it, too.

One such case happened in Glens Falls, New York. A woman by the name of Courtney Pemberton was arrested and charged with not only third-degree welfare fraud but also third-degree larceny and first-degree offering a false instrument.

From 2018 to 2019, she falsified tenant information because she failed to report the income that she was earning. As such, she received over $6,000 in federal Housing and Urban Development benefits that she wasn’t entitled to receive.

Another case happened in Russell County, Virginia where a woman by the name of Sondra Leigh Turner falsified information to the Department of Social Services. She reported her income falsely, allowing her to receive over $46,000 in SNAP assistance along with $54,000 of Medicaid assistance.

Turner has been charged with counts of Making False Statements to Obtain benefits as well as Fraudulently Obtaining Public Assistance.

Across every news outlet in the United States, there are more and more accounts of this. Why? People don’t want to work in order to get things for free. As long as there are programs where the government is going to offer handouts, there will be fraud. And that’s because the government has decided that it’s okay with rewarding the lazy.

Are there actually people who need the help? Absolutely. However, there are entirely too many people receiving Welfare and other forms of financial assistance who have the means to work. 

The liberals don’t care. They don’t care if someone wants to work or not. They don’t bother to look at whether a person is able-bodied to go out and get a job. They’re simply prepared to hand over a check without demanding anything in return. And, as a result, we have “help wanted” signs on businesses in every state because people are finding that it’s easier to sit down inside of their homes and demand a check. And those that do get a job still want the handout because, well, why not.

Welfare should have been shut off years ago. It was designed to be temporary assistance to get people through the Great Depression. Instead, it’s become a generational program of dependency on the government. And people like Joe Biden, AOC, and Bernie Sanders will keep it running in order to build further dependency on the government.

Capitalism is a beautiful thing. If we don’t recognize that and get people back to work quickly, we’re going to see more Welfare fraud. And, then, it will only be a matter of time before the liberals get their way and shove us all the way toward socialism.

And if you think capitalism can coexist with socialism, you’ll be sadly mistaken. We’ll create an entire country of the lazy and, at that point, we might as well invite Communist China to take over.