What in the World is Latinx? Well, It’s Offensive…

By fitzcrittle/shutterstock.com
By fitzcrittle/shutterstock.com

The liberals have decided that they want to give every group a nickname without it being offensive. Rather than referring to people as Latin Americans, they have decided to use “Latinx.” By doing this, it is a gender-neutral solution so that they can appear to be as “woke” as possible.

Essentially, Latinx is a nonbinary alternative to Latino or Latina. By using the “x,” they can refer to everyone using the same term. No hurt feelings, right?

Well, the cancel culture is about to be canceled by the very people who have been given the title.

According to a poll conducted by Bendixen & Amandi International, 89% of the respondents say that they identify as Hispanic, Latino, or Latina. Another 8% said that they identify as “something else.”

Only two percent of the respondents categorized themselves as “Latinx.”

Most people find the term offensive.

The problem with the liberals is that they decide that they want to appeal to the minority instead of the majority – and they have been doing this for so long that people are starting to get really offended.

Since when does the majority not rule?

The number of people who actually identify as nonbinary is miniscule. Yet, the Latinx designation appeals more to those who are nonbinary than to anyone who identifies as male or female. Is it really that difficult to simply throw in a few more characters so that people can choose Latino or Latina rather than being labeled by an “x?”

As Marc Caputo retweeted from @AmandiOnAir, “The numbers suggest that using Latinx is a violation of the political Hippocratic Oath, which is to first do no electoral harm. Why are we using a word that is preferred by only 2% but offends as many as 40% of those voters we want to win?”

It’s an interesting question and one that has been asked more and more. After all, why do the liberals seem so insistent on bowing down to the minority when it is the majority that they need to be appealing to?

We can see this in so many facets of what they fight for. We’re fighting to let a biological male plan in female sports. The females don’t want this, but there may be that one occasional case where a biological male has identified as a female. So rather than protecting thousands of females, we’ll bow down to the one biological male.

It doesn’t make sense, and it’s going to start to hurt liberal politicians within the polls, not that we’re complaining about that.

Now, who really finds Latinx to be offensive? According to the poll, Republicans are bothered “a lot” by it at a rate of 30% of respondents while Democrats are at a rate of 19%. Still, that’s a lot more than the 2% who actually like to be identified by the “x” term.

Here’s the fun part of it all. Biden has begun to use the term “Latinx” without worrying about whether people are offended by it or not. He’s even gone as far as saying that the “Latinx” people are afraid to get vaccinated because they think they’ll be deported. That’s not really the case. After all, there are countless people in the U.S. who are legally allowed to be here who identify as Latin American. So, if there’s anyone being offensive by using the term, we only have to look toward President Biden. No wonder his approval rating is now dropping into the 30s.