Wife of Former Top-Ranking Chinese Communist Official Speaks Out Against Her Government…Her Husband Vanished in 2018

By All themes/shutterstock.com
By All themes/shutterstock.com

As the bride of a senior Communist Chinese official, Grace Meng once lived the luxurious lifestyle only afforded to the elite. Her hubby, Meng Hongwei, was a high-ranking police officer on the security team that makes certain no outside forces try to take the Communist party down. The party revered him so much that they sent him and his wife to live in France so Hongwei could fill the highly sought-after role of Interpol president.

Upon the completion of the assignment, Hongwei returned to China where he was appointed to the prestigious position of vice minister of public security. Now he’s nowhere to be found. Something went awry and all that’s known of his whereabouts is that he was swallowed whole by the Chinese penal system in 2018 and hasn’t been heard from since. Where he’s being held is anyone’s guess. 

Grace Meng returned to France with the couple’s twin boys where she registered as a political refugee. Doing so has gained her 24/7 protection by the French police after a failed attempt by a Chinese agent to kidnap her and the children.

The Chinese government neglected to realize that Grace Meng is not your average everyday obedient Chinese housewife. She’s an intelligent woman scorned, and a fearless warrior. Knowing she can’t help her husband at this point, she’s opted to shed her cloak of anonymity in favor of speaking out against the authoritarian government that took away her boy’s father.

Meng calls the Communist government that her husband once swore allegiance to “The monster.” She came by the title “Because they eat their children.” 

She told The Associated Press, “I have the responsibility to show my face, to tell the world what happened. During the past three years, I learned – just like we know how to live with COVID – I know how to live with the monster, the authority.”

As a former insider, Meng revealed how after a period of time of being on the outside looking in she has totally transformed herself. Living among the French coupled with her husband’s abduction has had a profound effect. So profound, she refuses to use her given Chinese name, Gao Ge. She liked the sound of Grace so she combined it with Hongwei’s surname, Meng. She said, “I have died and been reborn.”

Meng’s last communication with her almost 68-year-old husband was in late September 2018. He sent her a text that said “wait for my call.” Several minutes later he texted an emoji of a knife. She believes the emoji was a signal that he was in danger and she’s certain they were made from the Ministry of Public Safety building where his office was located.

Even letters from Meng’s attorneys to Chinese officials have gone unanswered. She said, “This has already saddened me beyond the point where I can be saddened further. Of course, it’s equally cruel to my children.”

She added, “I don’t want the children to have no father. Whenever the children hear someone knocking on the door, they always go to look. I know they’re hoping that the person coming inside will be their father. But each time, when they realize that it isn’t, they silently lower their heads. They are extremely brave.”

Indeed they are. This is but one story from Communist China. We have to wonder about the enormous amount of families who have kept things like this to themselves. Many nations have already expressed their objections to the 2022 Winter Olympics scheduled to take place in Bejing. Should the U.S. join them?